Late Period, but Negative Test.........

Updated on September 04, 2011
K.C. asks from Boise, ID
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So silly question. I am 2 days late. I have always been regular, every 25 days. Very good chance I could be prego, since we have done nothing to prevent it. I have 2 boys. With my 1st, I took ept 6 days early and was negative, so waited till day I was to start period, & took 2nd test & was positive. With my 2nd boy, same thing I took day I was to start period & was positive. I have some symptoms, but I know could also be due to start period. Headache, slight nausea, sensitive to certain smells, chest heavy and sore, lower back pain, cramps that come & go, bloating. I have taken 2 tests, both negative. Both dollar store tests. I know stress can cause it to be late too. My question is have any of u tested positive on pregnancy day of period, but also been pregnant another time and have it show negative after missed period?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the responses. Must have been stress, period finally showed.

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answers from Youngstown on

With my first I tested positive on 2 home test and then went to a clinic and got a negative. I had a blood test and it was positive. I was one week late. With my third I was a few days late with my period and I went to the dr and the test was neg. I went back a week later and it was postive. Wait a week and if you still don't start then take another and if still neg call doc.

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answers from Phoenix on

Dollar store tests are as sensitive as name brand tests according to research. However, it's very possible that you ovulated later than expected and it may still be too early to test. Wait a week and test again. If still negative and no period in sight, might want to call your Dr and have a blood test done to be sure. Nurse midwife Mom of 3

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answers from San Antonio on

Dollar store tests are just as good as any other tests (so long as they're not expired). I say wait another few days and test again. You may just be stressed out. Then add to that not knowing why your period is late and you're adding more stress to the situation.


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answers from Provo on

I was preggo but the dollar store test said negative...try again.



answers from Utica on

With my current pregnancy I tested when I was about 33 days in my cycle and it was negative and I actually managed to wait 11 days after that test to test again because now I was at 44 days no period and thought okay it may have said negative the first time but something is definitely up so I tested again and I swear that test came out positive before I was even finished peeing on the stick
I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with baby number 2
I hope you get the answer you are hoping for =)



answers from Dallas on

You should take a more sensitive test. I like the ones that actually say pregnant or not pregnant. Also, you may not have enough of the hormone present. Test again tomorrow morning if you don't get your period.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Yeah, it has happened to me. I definitely don't want set you up for disappointment, but with my third pregnancy, I tested negative the 1st day of my missed period. Then I finally tested positive 4 days later. So you never know. But, sometimes stress can really change things around. Good luck! Excited for you.


answers from Kansas City on

i know with my first son I took the first test at night and it was positive and when i took the second in the morning it said negative. there just wasnt enough urine on it to show accurate. LOL, my hubby made me go out and buy another double test box and take both and show him before he would believe me...he was so excited!

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