Late Period but Negative Pregnancy Test

Updated on February 26, 2007
K.C. asks from Franklin, TN
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My period is 3 days late today. I have a nine month old daughter and since I had her my cycle has been VERY predictable(every 28 days exactly). I took a test yesterday but it came back negative. I was very surprised because I really thought I was pregnant. I even took a second test, also negative. I have been nauseous, tired and forgetful, but no swollen breasts. I have mild cramping and each morning feel like it's about to start, but it doesn't. I have been under a lot of stress, my daughter had eye surgery this month and we are getting ready to sell our house, but I do yoga and feel that I have been dealing with it well. Could it still cause a late period? If I was pregnant it would not be ideal timing, but I would be happy. I'm just not sure what to do. My insurance doesn't cover office visits so I am hesitant to go to the doctor(I use a midwife anyway). Any thoughts? Has anyone out there been late and pregnant with a negative test?

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So What Happened?

Well it must have been stress, cause I started today. I am relieved and disappointed at the same time :) Thanks so much to everyone. It was good to get feedback and support.

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answers from Knoxville on

have you tried first response pregnancy tests? | was able to tell i was pregnant very early. If this test is negative the only two things you can do is wait or go to a doc and get a blood test
good luck

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answers from Nashville on

There are some things that can help keep your mind off your stress, but since this deals with your child, you still have to go home and deal with the fact of her eye surgery and recovery. Besides, regular periods for some women are from every 28 days to every 35 days. (Mine use to be 34 days apart)

Since you have been stressing about the surgery, it may be that you're gonna have a late period. Stress plays a KEY factor as to how your body works and does certain things, especially in women. Some women can skip periods because of stress, or have extended periods becuase of it. I did. Once my stress level was under control, my periods became regular again (I have a 16-month-old child to prove it).

I'm not ruling out that just beacause of a negative test that you're not pregnant, but it may be that stress is keeping you from having a period and not you actually being pregnant. I never experienced a negative test and ended up pregnant. When I tested, my test was positive (I took it 15 days after my missed period).

To say for sure, you may have to chance that doctor's visit.

Give your period a few more days and it may come. Just be patient and listen to your intuition. If you stress about your period on top of your daughter's surgery, it may not come at all or come later, throwing your cycle off completely.

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answers from Benton Harbor on

Hi K.,
When I found out I was pregnant with my son, all the home tests showed negative. It was only by bloodwork that I was able to know for sure. Stress can definantely cause your period to be late or skip. You may want to just wait another week or so and maybe take another test. Also, the health department can run a pregnancy test very inexpensive maybe even free also.
Hope this helps:-)

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answers from Florence on

I had the same issue in December. I never started my period and i took two hpt's and were both negative. I still didnt start for 2 weeks so i went to the doctor and they did a blood test, which was also negative. They told me that there were a ton of reasons for me not to have my period, stress, weight gain, everything. But my period is like clockwork so i knew something was up, and i just FELT pregnant. I had two blood tests, two urines at the doctors, and two hpt's which were all negative. After 2 months of no show, back to the doctor for medicine to make me start, and guess what? I'm pregnant! 9 weeks, i was pregnant the whole time but it wasnt showing up. so until you start, i wouldnt count it out.

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answers from Mobile on

Last month, I was late for my period "2" weeks. I took several home pregnancy tests and they are were negative. I even went to the doctor for a blood test...NEGATIVE. I am never late...every 26-28 matter what. My doctor told me that sometimes, even though we don't think we're under stress, our bodies might be. I lost my dad 2 weeks ago and I thought, in my mental state, that I was taking it really well because it was kind-of expected because he's been sick a long time now. But my body was feeling the stress. When my dad actually died, that's when it hit my mind. I started spotting the night of his wake and I had full flow the next morning, the day of his funeral. Anyways, your mind can play tricks on you. I wouldn't worry if you're getting negative home pregnancy tests. Just keep testing every few days. Good luck!

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answers from Jackson on

I had three negative tests with both of my pregnancies. I knew that I had to be pregnant(the two times I was EVER late) It took four tests and being almost a full week late to get a positive. Listen to your body and try not to stress. Good luck!



answers from Johnson City on

I am not sure if you have them in your area but you could contact your local health dept. They can do a blood and urine test there and normally they do not charge much if any thing at all.



answers from Memphis on

the same thing happened to me...i took 4 test over a week or two..finally got a positive one....your body just has to have the right amount of hormone for it to read positive..and like she said stress and any other extra physical activity can change your cycle



answers from Knoxville on

This happened to me last month. I am NEVER late, the only times I have been were when I was pregnant. I took 5 pregnancy test because I was almost 2 weeks late. They were ALL negative. I usually have sore breasts before my period but it didn't happen that time. I am sure it was from stress.



answers from Yakima on

Hi K.,
Only being 3 days late you cant really have an accurate test result. My advice is to wait at least 7 days and then take a test. Hope that helps.

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