Late Night Date Ideas?

Updated on June 15, 2011
J.F. asks from Doylestown, PA
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ok so by the time I get to see my bf its ussually like 10pm at night, and the only thing we can come up with is the bar...which is fine every once in a while but I can;t think of other late night date ideas...I have my daughter weeknights after work (1 of which i only have her til 9pm --so this would b the day in question) the weekend I ussually have her until sat at 9pm as well (so same issue there) sunday would be the only day that I don;t have her until 7pm that night...that would be easier for date ideas....but I like to do things a lot...and like to take advantage of my one weekend night out per does anyone have non bar ideas for dates that could be done late?

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answers from Allentown on

cook dinner together.
Find a menu and make a romantic
candle light meal together. Use a cook book

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answers from St. Louis on

Our comedy club doesn't have it's first show until 10 pm with the second one being at 1230 am. They are always sold out.

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answers from Austin on

Go to a really nice restaurant for desserts. Go for a walk downtown, Late movie, visit a bookstore. Barnes and Nobles stays open late. Park somewhere and make out.

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answers from Boston on

Late Movie, Playing pool, bowling, drive-in.....

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answers from San Francisco on

late dinner, movies, bowling, dancing, live music, theater or comedy show

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answers from Dallas on

there are a lot of pub style bar and grills. bennigans, applebees, etc. they're technically bars and stay open until 2 but you can sit in a cozy booth in the restaraunt section and talk.

bowling and then a late night diner

midnight movie

take salsa dance lessons on your early night and then go try out your moves at a salsa bar on your late night

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answers from Los Angeles on

Picnic. Our parks here have street lights at certain places and they light the picnic tables.

Play board games or cards with another couple or friends.

Walk along residential streets where they have street lights.

Observatory. You can look at the stars.

A walk in a night of the full moon near a field or forest so you can hear the night birds.

Bowling. Pizza. Play/Opera. Concert.

Hide and seek with others or kids.

Camp fire and roast marshmellows or hot dogs or make banana boats, foil packs. Chicken on a spit.

In the hot summer, swimming under a full moon. (Be sure to keep the suits on at least until you are married.)

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Chicago on

I've come to love late dinners!

Dinner around 9 or 10 - you never have to worry about reservations or what to do with the rest of your night!

Eat something like around 7, and that should hold you over for late dinner.



answers from Harrisburg on

My husband I don't get together much either but during the week we like to sit out back on one of the framed swings and maybe has a glass of wine or just talk and we light tiki torches to keep the bugs away. Where we live on the weekends the local bowling alley has red pin, midnight rock n' bowl. Good music, bowling and if you get a strike when you have a red head pin you win a free game. We love doing that on Saturday nights and it lasts until about 2am. It's what works for us. Another thing we like to do is go night fishing. Catch and release only.



answers from Philadelphia on

One of the best things we did for our marriage and what I still love to do 11 years later is to get in our out door hot tub. All troubles seem to melt away and it is just so relaxing. There are also no distractions when you are outside under thhe stars. Not sure if this is feasible for you but I highly recommend it.



answers from Erie on

Is there a casino near you? We like to go to the restaurant inside, since they're open at all hours. Sometimes we play the cheap slots, but we don't blow much $$$$ Only downside (for us) is that the casino is full of cigarette smoke, but the restaurants are non-smoking...

How long does it take you to get to the shore? For a special Saturday night (not for regular dates during the week), it might be fun to have a late night picnic on the beach... Of course, you could also picnic locally, but water always seems to make it more special to me :)



answers from Dallas on

As bizzare as it sounds outdoor activities are possible with the longe summer days and many of these can still be done after sun goes down - picnic, go on a walk, go to the gym together, bike ride, (yes, my hubby and i are extremely active;)).
record a cooking show during the day and test out the recipe at night cooking together, a goofy scavenger hunt through your town, go visit a local landmark or make a backyard bon fire and make s'mores.
I hate movies for date night, btw, because you just end up sitting and looking at a screen:) If I am paying a sitter, I want some serious one-on-one time with my man - LOL!


answers from Phoenix on

This is going to sound kind of weird but I had a bf in high school that worked late nights as a security guard right next to the runway of the airport. I would go visit him and we would walk out by the fence and eat some snacks and watch the planes take off and land. The sound and the lights were awesome...not a thrilling date night but I'm 44 and still remember how cool it was. Maybe something different to do? Hope you find something that will work for you!



answers from Sacramento on

Late night movie
Call your local Chamber of Commerce to see if they have any activities like art walk, concert in the park.
At home: board games, beer tasting, Pictionary, Mexican night: you make margaritas and tacos, Italian night: lasagna, wine and a movie, French night: a tray of different cheeses (not to many), crackers, special bread from the bakery, bottle of wine.
Go to a hotel nearby and sit in their lounge for a drink or two especially if they have a fireplace.
Rent a movie you BOTH would like.
If you stay home, do something special: candles, picnic in the living room w/his fave foods/drinks, movie, ask each other fun questions (what super power would you want, what career would you want if you could do anything, what famous deceased person would you want to meet, fave vacation spot, fave memory as a kid etc).