Late Cycle but Negative Pregnancy Test

Updated on January 29, 2010
A.R. asks from La Plata, MD
5 answers

Hi ladies, I am usually very regular and this month I'm 3 days late. I did take a pregnancy test but it was negative. The only thing different this month is that I have recently started back at the gym. Could exercise be the reason for the delay in my cycle? I know that stress can be the cause but I have always been regular and any missed or late period that I have ever had was because I was pregnant. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this. Thanks in advance for your responses.

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answers from Detroit on

It's very possible it could be stress as stress DOES impact much in the body.
However, it could be your body is also shifting on a hormonal level - my cycle has changed a few times over the years due to this reason.

If you are concerned or truly suspect you may be pregnant - then have the blood test as the store tests can give you a false negative/ positive.



answers from Washington DC on

Hi. I usually very regular myself, but I have noticed that every now and again my cycle " resets" itself. For example I may have a 28 day cycle that will change to 21 day. So my start days goes from the 21st of the month to the 5th, so during that switch I'll be late. That may be whats happening to you. I would wait a few more days then retest. I don;t think exercise affects your cycle that quickly but I could be wrong.



answers from Montgomery on

I would wait a week (seems like a lifetime i know) and do another test if your period still hasnt shown. Like the others said, loads of factors can impact your body, 'stress' being a major one, so try not to think about it (hard i know) and im sure your body will regulate again.....either that or you wont see one for another 9 months!!!
I hope you get what you want, and wish you all the



answers from Lynchburg on

Yes, exercise could have been the reason. I've experienced this several times when I was exercising a lot. I also looked on WebMD and they said it could be exercise. I didn't look on MayoClinic, but those are the two medical websites I trust b/c I have several friends who are nurses and doctors (including a mother-in-law and sister-in-law) and they trust those sites.


answers from Kansas City on

it could be a million things, and just because you've always been regular doesn't mean you always will be. take another pregnancy test if you're still worried (they "can" occassionally be false negatives, especially since you're only three days late) but take heart. it's probably nothing.

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