Lasik Surgery -- I Need Some Help to Decide, Please

Updated on January 01, 2010
C.H. asks from Manhattan Beach, CA
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Hi I have scheduled to have lasik surgery done in January 2010, but lately I have been having some second thoughts. I am only moderately nearsighted (btw 400 & 500), and am generally comfortable with my glasses or contacts. I did lasik consult with 2 surgeons and both concluded that I am a very good candidate. I know some people (inc. my hubby) have had good experience with the surgeries. But I also know that some people have had dry eyes or pains after their surgeries. So my concerns are whether the convenience of a better vision outweighs the potential risks -- has the technology really advanced so much that the risks of side effects or vision loss are very low? The surgeon that my regular eye doc recommended is Dr. Robert Maloney in Westwood. I wonder if anyone can share with me your experience, thoughts, stories of lasik. Also, if anyone has any knowledge of Dr. Maloney it would be so helpful too. Thank you!! Happy holidays, everyone!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for sharing your lasik experiences with me! My appointment is 2 weeks away, and I still have some questions and concerns, but your stories definately helped ease some of my jitters:-) Thanks you!!

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Maloney is THE BEST, my BF is also going to have it done next year, he will be making an appt with Maloney's office. If you can afford Maloney - DON' THINK TWICE, as far as dry eyes - this happens when you are NOT a good candidate for the operation.

Best of luck to you!



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I went to Wendell Wong in Torrance. Best thing I ever did! Good luck.



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Dr. Maloney did my lasik procedure in 1999, and I am still thrilled! I haven't had any problems with dry eyes. I did get a slight infection after the surgery, so if you feel any discomfort rolling your eyes, as I did, go in right away. They gave me some drops, and I was perfect the next day. The change in my life has been dramatic--no more stumbling around for my glasses, no more irritated eyes from contacts, and no more spending $$ on my eyes every few months! Good luck!



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Hi Caroline ,

I had Lasik done 10 years ago. I also was scared and thought my own vanity ( not wanting to wear contacts and
glasses) would cause maybe blindness. I know scary,
but it is one of the side effects. After a lot of thought and many Dr interviews, I was finally ready. I think for me it took the right Dr to make me feel at ease. I have never had one problem. Thank goodness, and I also feel it was one of the best things I ever did for myself. Now my husband continues to wear contacts. He never has any problems like I did and I know I cant push him into Lasik. If your Dr is good and you feel comfortable, I'd say go for it. I just had my eyes checked and the Dr could not believe my eyes still looked this good after Lasik 10 years ago. Good luck .. if you do decide you will be
totally amazed that you can see and you dont have to hassle with contacts and glasses anymore.

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