Lasik Eye Surgery - Minneapolis,MN

Updated on March 29, 2010
M.C. asks from Minneapolis, MN
8 answers

Hi- Has anyone had lasik done in mn? If so WHERE? I have an appt sched at LasikPlus in Edina for Monday with Omar Awad M.D. and was wondering if anyone has been to him and how everything went? Also how much yours cost and what kind it was and what it included. THanks so much in advance! I am getting nervous now since its getting so close and wanted to confirm that I made a great decision and selected a good place. Thanks! Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

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answers from Victoria on

I had mine done in 2000 in Texas. So can't reference your place, however I can tell you that mine cost $1800. I took advantage of no interest for a year on one of my cards back then & made pmts. I was so blind that anything outside of my hands was too blurry to see clearly. eye surgery was too scary for me until our Radiologists (I'm an x-ray tech) had it done. I then figured if he makes his living with his eyes & risked it, I could too. I went for it & got 20/20 vision!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would only guarantee 5 years, but I'm still 20/20 now. i was wearing disposable contacts & would buy a pair of glasses for backups every other year. I know spend $40 a year on an eye exam. Absolute best money I ever spent! Bestest thing was having to get up with kiddoes at night & not having to deal with glasses or contacts!!!!!!!!!!! My procedure was really weird feeling. Tghey gave me Valium beforehand to relax me, but it apparently it has the opposite effect on me. I was bouncing off the walls. I did well during the procedure, but keeping my eyes closed for the 24 hours after about killed me. There is not much you can do without sight, believe me! I listened to music & put on lotion...LOL.. I have recommended it to everyone I know as it has been nothing but great for me. Best of luck..



answers from Dallas on

Whatever it's worth EVERY penny. Mine was probably 8 or 9 years ago in Texas and cost somewhere between 3 and 5000 (I can't remember). I went in for several checkups, and then one day I got to go in for surgery. They gave me some kind of big pain killer to relax me and almost put me to sleep. Then they did the surgery. When they were done I could see the clock!!!!!I am so thankful everyday when I wake up that I see without dealing with those darned (and painful) contacts and my bent and scratched glasses. Good luck!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I got lasik done by Dr. Whiting at Joffe Medicenter in August 2009. Him and the staff are professional, friendly and made me comfortable. My lasik cost me $2200 (my prescription was horrible, like -6.0) don't remember what kind. It includes check-ups up to one year if I remember correctly and also enhancements if you need it within one year. The best money I ever spent on myself! Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I also had mine done by Dr Whiting at Joffe MediCenter. They had sent me a special coupon, so I got it done for $1000 almost exactly 2 years ago. Just a few weeks ago I had to get reading glasses, but other than that (and these are better than bifocals!) I am presciption free and loving every minute of it. I won't lie to you - it was a nerve-wracking procedure, and the rest of the afternoon was uncomfortable, but I would recommend doing it, as long as they tell you that you are a good candidate! Good luck with your decision.



answers from Minneapolis on

my daughter had that done almost 4 yrs ago-cost was 4 grand-after just about 2 yrs she had to go have it redone...i wouldnt suggest it.



answers from Minneapolis on

I had it done in MN with Dr. Whiting about six years ago (I don't remember the clinic) and it was the best (medical) thing I've done! I went from "legally blind" to 20/30 vision and no glasses needed. Mine cost about $3000 but my correction was huge with astigmatism AND I had thin corneas, so they had to use a different laser machine, not the standard one. Afterwards, I went without glasses for four years, then gradually needed a minor correction for distances and driving. I still do not need glasses unless I drive or go to a movie and I am now 49 years old!

The procedure was over in a minute or so and I walked out of the place seeing OK. I had some pain the first day (more common with higher corrections) but took a nap as they recommended and by that evening went to a neighborhood party feeling fine. I did need to use the eye drops for longer than I had anticipated because I have eyes that tend to be dry. I got real good at putting mosturizing eye drops in for several months but then that need went away. my cost included an early follow-up and a 6 or 12 month follow-up appt (I don't quite remember).

I would do it again in a minute! This procedure has been around long enough now that any reputable clinic should be a good choice. Try to relax for the procedure, be patient with the eye drops, and enjoy the freedom from glasses/contacts!



answers from Atlanta on

Hi MC,

I considered it until I saw the cost. I just got an advertisement in the mail for a national chain and the cost was $299.00 an eye. Then I read the fine print and if your vision was worse than 1.25 it was $899.00 an eye. If there is any astigmatism, the price went up to $1299.00 an eye. That's when I quit investigating...




answers from Chicago on

Hi M.C.

I had Lasik 6-7 years ago in a Chicago (not much help). I don't remember much of the details but I it has changed my life. It is amazing to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about glasses and contacts. I forget how great t really is but when I think about it I am amazed. My husband also had it done 9 years ago and feels the same.

My biggest concern with the procedure was the healing. Even though the eye heals really quick it is still not completely healed and the post op was the hardest part. I was always worried that something would touch me in th e eye and cause problems. It never happened but that was my concern.

The procedure it self is quick (about 1 minute) I had some mild discomfort when they were doing the procedure but again it was only seconds. The procedure I had, which I don't remember the name, they make an incision and flip back your cornea and then you can't see but your eyes are open (that is the freakiest part). My husband did not have any discomfort. Post-op I only was uncomfortable for a few hours and then I did not have any pain.
Please feel free to ask any other questions and I hope it goes great.

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