LASIK Eye Surgery - Chicago,IL

Updated on May 02, 2011
T.T. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi Moms, can anyone give me insight as to costs (I know the surgeries are all different depending on the type you get and location), but I would like a general ballpark figure as to how much it would cost if I were to get Lasik eye surgery. I'm trying to figure out if I have enough in my flex spending to do it soon. Thanks for any information. Referrals for Chicagoland appreciated. I guess I just want to have an idea of general ballpark figures as I know everyone is different and every surgery is different. A dollar amount would be helpful, thanks!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I think mine was around $4000 last year. If you get it toward the end of the year, they tend to run specials, b/c they know people do Lasik to clear out their FSA accounts.



answers from Minneapolis on

The cost varies greatly depending on your prescription level, other factors like astigmatism, and the thickness of your cornea. You won't know the cost until you go for the initial exam. There should be no cost for the initial exam.

My lasik surgery cost WAY more than my ex's and my stepdaughter's because of all the factors I listed above - high correction, astigmatism, and thin cornea's meant I needed a different laser treatment (different machine) than they did. Mine cost $3,000 seven years ago, my stepdaughter's cost about $500.



answers from Phoenix on

Mine was approx $4000, 4 yrs ago. I had poor eyesight plus astigmatism. I also opted for the lifelong "tweaks" should I need them. I am just required to have an annual eye exam from the office which costs about $100.
Best thing I ever did. To be able to see the alarm clock in the morning, not having to squint and STILL see things all fuzzy...
I will say this - opt for the valium beforehand. I was not offered any, but I found out my fellow patients scheduled that day had been. I wasn't nervous or concerned in the least. But during the procedure I could smell the burning from the laser and it totally freaked me out. Not cool when you have to stay completely still. Other than that, the procedure is pretty cool.



answers from Chicago on

I just had it done a few months ago. About $4200, but I went with the Kraft Institute, which is the best of the best. I was willing to pay more when it came to my eyes:)

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