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Updated on November 12, 2008
E.M. asks from Encinitas, CA
7 answers

Now that my son is a year old, I would like to have my vision corrected by laser surgery. I am nervous about selecting a dr. out of the yellow pages and was wondering if anyone who has had laser eye surgery could recommend a doctor.


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answers from San Diego on

Hi there - Dr. Parekh is the BEST. He is in La Jolla and is also the eye doc to the Chargers. He is a University of Michigan Med. School grad (one of the top schools). He will also give you 10% off if you tell him that Z. Mohler (former patient) referred you. His website is I had an incredible experience there. Good luck - it's life changing and I couldn't be happier!



answers from San Diego on - I had mine done by Dr. John Bokosky and he was rated 'among the best' in San Diego and I was referred to him by an Emergency Room physician (and you know they do their research!!) It was fast, easy and I had no problems from my surgery. I am SO GLAD I did it! :)
Good luck!!



answers from San Diego on

My husband had laser eye surgery with Dr. Forrest Murphy at TLC Laser and Eye Center. He was very good, and my hubby's vision is completely corrected!



answers from San Diego on

Dr. Sandy Feldman in San Diego is excellent. Note: There are 2 Sandy Feldmans, one is male and one is female. The one I am recommending is female (though the male one is good too). She has done marathon runners, and has done thousands of people. Used to be on staff at UCSD. I sent my friend to her and 8 years later, she is still doing great without her glasses!

I'm of course too chicken to "take the plunge", but when I do, I'll be going to her : )



answers from San Diego on

Both my husband and I got ours done at Clearview with Dr. Sandy Feldman. I would highly recommend her, though she is on Lusk in Sorrento Valley. ###-###-####. They have a free consult. Good luck! It is one of the best things I have decided to do for myself. I love it!



answers from San Diego on

Hi E.,

I had laser eye surgery in the nineties--I was legally blind prior to it. Now I just wear glasses to drive and watch t.v./movies, but I've only had to do that in the past three years--and it certainly isn't a requirement--it just makes things a bit clearer. This is just a result of the normal aging process.

I went to Dr. Jonathan Cress on Soquel Drive in Santa Cruz, CA. (Yes, I flew up there--he was my grandfather's eye doc and one of the most qualified and first doctors to do this surgery. You fly in to San Jose, by the way, and the surgery is done there--it's where they have the laser). I would completely recommend Dr. Cress. He did my surgery twice, actually--because he is very conservative. The first time he did it halfway. Then I waited about six months, because the eyes have to settle down and you can actually overcorrect your eyes (making you farsighted) if you have the whole surgery done at once. Then he did another surgery. After that surgery, I was 20/15 in one eye and 20/25 in the other. Amazing.

I would not choose a doctor from the yellow pages! Yikes! These are your EYES, after all. You are smart to ask for recommendations. Be aware that there is a lot of care that you have to take after you have this done--any doctor who tells you there isn't is not a great doc--like those "lunch-hour" laser surgery quacks. For example, you have to sleep in eye shields for a while afterward, and you have to be careful about not rubbing your eyes, lifting heavy things, having sex (no woman on top due to the pressure on your eyes) for a period of time, etc. But--totally worth it, in my opinion.

If you go with a doc down here, make sure they seem cautious and give you a list of after-surgery care and all of the possible results to the surgery (not everything is correctable, by the way, and some side effects occur).

Here's a question--don't you have an eye doc already if you have vision problems? Isn't there an eye surgeon that she/he recommends??

:-) Good luck!
P.S. The docs at the Shiley Eye Center on the UCSD campus are amazing. You could check there too.



answers from San Diego on

Hi E.:

I went to Sandy T. Feldman (female) for a consult and really liked her. The exam was extremely thorough. I also found her to be very easy to talk to. I have a friend who went to her and she is very happy with her results. I am a candidate but haven't done it yet either (a little chicken myself).

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