Larger Diapers Out There?

Updated on October 01, 2011
J.C. asks from Rockwall, TX
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My preschooler is not potty trained during the night yet. We put Huggies Overnites on him for the night. It contains leaks very well, but he's already using the biggest size (size 6) and about to outgrow it very soon. So we need to find something else that will fit him next. He doesn't like pull-up underwear type diapers. Any ideas?

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answers from Provo on

Cloth diapers. You will only need to buy three tops to get you through the night and washing.
I know, it sounds daunting, but it will save you money. It's no different then washing his sheets every morning, but it's contained. Here is a link to some of my favorite diaper brands for training type pants. There are some that go up to 80 lbs so you will never run out of diapers if he was like me where my bladder didn't grow as fast as the rest of me so night time wetting happened a lot. Happy Heinies are the ones I suggest :D

This will more than likely save you money in the long run :D If you want any more info you can PM me anytime. I love to help out.

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answers from Washington DC on

There are a lot of people who make cloth diapers. I'd contact one of them and see if she could make you a custom sized diaper or diaper cover for this nighttime issue. It might also help if he feels wetter without soaking the bed - train him to get up at night to pee. Cloth diapers feel more damp.

Other than that, you need to just either get him up at night or tell him it's the pull up underpants or changing his sheets.

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answers from Kansas City on

not liking them isn't a valid reason for not using them. let him know that when he is dry at night he can stop wearing them. remind him of that when he asks for a drink before bedtime. don't make him feel guilty or anything, but that's just life. if you wet at night, you wear a pullup. nighttime pullups (Goodnights etc) are made for this. just because he doesn't like them, he still needs them. i think in this instance you need to put your foot down and be the mom. this isn't something worth battling over and searching the country for big enough diapers. kinda silly to me. he needs a pullup.

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answers from Honolulu on

Have you googled adult diapers

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answers from Honolulu on

My son is 5, still needs night time diapers, and uses the Huggies Overnights size 6. It still fits him and he is a tall big lanky kid for his age. Everyone says how 'big' he is for his age. But he still can, fit the size 6 for now.

BUT, the thing is, during the night, I 'need' to change his diaper one time. Otherwise, the volume of pee in the diaper simply will NOT go until the next morning, intact.

Bigger kids, have bigger bladders, hence more output.
So therefore, I change my son's diaper, one time a night. I get up anyway on my own, to go to the bathroom myself, and so I do it then. It does not wake my son at all.

AND, I also use water proof bed-pads directly under my son when he sleeps. VERY handy and practical and useful. The sheets/bedding does not get soiled at all, that way. I have like 4 that I rotate as needed.

And yes, Pampers has a size 7. But you will probably need, to change your son's diaper once a night.
OR maybe, put pad inserts into his diaper to hold more. Like the kind that maybe cloth diapers uses.

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answers from Dallas on

I think someone else suggested this too. Have you consider cloth training pants? My four year old still has night-time problems too and we use these cloth training pants ( They have snaps on the sides but can also be pulled up and down if needed and are a "pocket style" so you tailor the absorbency as needed.

And as a bonus they are made by local moms here in Texas.

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answers from Seattle on

Pampers makes a size 7 diaper and Underjams(like pull-ups) also come in larger sizes.

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answers from Boston on

Your only option might be the good nights pull up style by huggies or pampers.


answers from Dallas on

My 3 year old had outgrown the size 6 in huggies, but I have found that the luvs brand size 6 fits much better and she is 41 lbs and 43 inches tall.



answers from Dallas on

I use goodnight pullups for my son. They work really good. He is 9 an just now starting to not wet as much at night. Unfortunatly it's a genetic thing with him. But they work great!!!

Good luck and God Bless!


answers from Erie on

I haven't had this particular problem, but may I suggest that if Huggies are the only other brand available, that you cut down on his liquids after a certain time, like 6 p.m.?
I know of someone who did this, and it stopped nighttime wetting altogether.
Hope this helps!


answers from Richmond on

There was one lovely lady on here (I hope she comes out of the woodwork because I can NOT think of her website), but she created a kind of diaper for super chunky kids and older kids that fits!! Hope you can find her on here, her stuff was amazing...



answers from Dallas on

At Kroger, they sell Good Nights in the baby aisle, which have larger sizes.



answers from Dallas on

Pampers cruisers come in sz 7 at babies r us


answers from Kalamazoo on

Underjams! they are for older kids who still have accidents at night. I had my son wear them while we were on vacation until he was about 7 because of his frequent accidents. He wore them over his underwear so if he didn't have an accident, we could reuse them.



answers from Dallas on

Goodnights Underwear! They are pull-up type diapers, but they work incredible. I go with the small size (S-M), they're pretty large, but I never had leaks with them. Also, if you go to their website, they offer $1 off coupon, and I also got a sample pair in the mail before I purchased some.



answers from Dallas on

I know it sounds crazy and I did NOT want to do it either but for about a month when my first was potty trained day time really well then I focused on night time. I would wake him up about 2 hours after he went to bed (he would go to bed about 8 and I would wake him up right before I would go to bed at 10 or so). I would just carry him to the potty and try not to wake him, wake him and he would go potty and go right back to bed with no problems. I was scared to try it because he was HARD to get to sleep and I didn't want to deal with doing it twice but it really worked and I'm so glad I did it now. He's been PTed completely since age 3 or so even at night. Once in a blue moon he'd have an accident then from age 4-5 I think he just had one accident. I insist he drink VERY little after 7pm and then he has to go potty before bed. I don't wake him up anymore, he does it on his own (although he still comes to my room to get me at age 5, lol!) Anyways, he was a VERY heavy night wetter and making those chages and then waking him for about a month or so was what did the trick. Good luck!!



answers from Dallas on

If you haven't already, you might try the goodnights pull ups. Their texture is different than other pull ups, and they seem much more comfortable.

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