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Updated on September 10, 2007
N.W. asks from Bronx, NY
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My son is 41 lbs. and I can't seem to find a potty seat that is big enough for him - please let me know if you have any suggestions....

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So What Happened?

Thanks to you all for the responses to my question - I went to target and was able to place my son on the potty seats while at the store and we ended up purchasing the Dora seat for him....Thanks again.....

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One Step Ahead makes a "family" toilet seat. its fits on your regular toilet and has a fold down toddler seat that gets secures inthe toilet seat lid when not in use. I live mine!! You can check it out at In addition I love the extra room getting rid of the seperate potty chair gave me! Hope this helps!




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My son is 39 lbs and he sits on the regular potty. We quickly stopped with the kids potty because he was just sitting there instead of doing his business. This way now he sits there with his legs spread over the seat, doesnt even hold on anymore, does his business and he is off.




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You can try a kids toilet seat for your son. They have Diego, Dora and Sesame street character seats available in babies r us stores. If you are looking for a travel potty check the site. They have some good ones. When travelling I use the inflatable one they have for my kid.

~ S.



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Have you tried the Baby Bjorn potty seat, which just fits over your regular toilet to make a potty seat? I found this to work very well, along with a step stool so my son could climb up.



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my friend's daughter is 2yrs old and 50lbs. She put her right on the big potty and hasnt had any trouble. If you try this, you may also want to invest in a step stool. Good Luck.



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Have you tried the Munchkin toilet seat to be used on top of the regular toilet? My daughter's been using it since she was just shy of two (now she's three+) and she's about 39 pounds and is still very comfortable on it.



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Hi, They have the seats that go on top of the regular toilet, this would not only work for him, but also make him feel like a big boy. Good-Luck!

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