Language Skills for a 2 Year Old

Updated on January 28, 2007
T.M. asks from Hamilton, OH
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My daughter is almost two years old and I am worried about her language skills. When other people are around her they do not understand what she is saying and I have to constantly tell them which is frustrating. To me it is pretty clear (most of the time)but obviously not to others. I know I shouldn't compare her to other children but when we take her to play areas or story time it seems that other children speak pretty well. When I ask how old they are their mothers say 2. Well that doesn't help me, that could mean 24 months or 34 months. It is funny how people quit saying how many months their children are after they hit two! I recently joined Gold's Gym and they have childcare, I am hoping being with other children, without me around, will force her to socialize and learn from others. I read to her constantly, she can count to ten, knows all her colors and does great with flash cards but doesn't seem to put more than two (sometimes three) words together yet. Her pediatrician feels that she is where she should be but then why doesn't anyone else understand her?? Shouldn't she be able to communicate better at this age?

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I completley son is 28 months-I was really worried for a long time, and what actually did help was that he stared daycare in mid September-he has done a 180 regarding speech!! I believe that part of it is the school-they are wonderful, and part of it is being around the other kids-he wants to be like them and be able to play with them, so he is forced to talk. I'm not sure where you are, but my kids go to a tiny place in Maineville called Toddler Time-they have part time-maybe get your children in there 1 day a week or so-get them used to being around other kids, and in a learning environment.

Good luck!

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I also went through this with my son. His main problem was hearing loss due to fluid build up behind the ear drum. 3 sets of ear tubes later, he speaks rather clearly and has a great vocab. Has she had a lot of ear infections?

Also, here are a couple of web pages to help you see where your daughter should be at her age.

These helped me see where I could further help him and also made me feel better about his speech "problem" as they were not true problems. Society has made us compare our children and somewhat compete with eachother. We have lost touch with the true standards of where our children should be at each age brackett - and many push their children to go beyond these expectations and, inturn, their children will be too smart in their elementary classes and won't be able to stay on task. Usually this causes problems. Children love to challenged, but within reason. There is a reason for our children to complete crawling before walking. It is a neccessary link in the learning chain. Please take a look at these pages and good luck.
Best of luck,
M. M



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Don't worry about it. There is a great deal of developmental difference between 2 year olds. I used to teach gymnastics classes and one of my classes was for 2 year olds. Some of them talked clearly and some didn't.

One of things I learned about brain development is that when one area of the brain is developing, another area slows. So, your child might be more advanced than other kids her age in motor skills for example, but the other child has better language skills. I wouldn't worry about it. She will catch up.



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I know that as a mom sometimes you expect children to excel at what seem to be simple tasks for us. again shes only two. also i was just told by a coworker last night who little is now 3, she still don't put a lot of words together, but she just really began talking. my coworker said she took her to the speech therapist this past week and she was told that when children have older siblings, they usually let them do all the talking. its not that they can't speak and can't speak well, but they figure what do they have to say, the sibling is saying what theyre thinking. i wouldn't rush it at this point. now if she gets to being 3 1/2 and not talking so great then that would be a concern. my son who is 3 1/2 talks a mile a minute and has been doing so early on. but you have to remember hes an only child and he had noone else to elaborate for him. which in your case and my coworkers your 2 and 3 year olds have siblings. i hope this work.

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