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Updated on October 22, 2008
A.C. asks from Phoenix, AZ
4 answers

I am located in Phoenix, and was wondering if anyone know of lamaze classes in Phoenix.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Lamaze classes are helpful for some people...not so for others. The birth environment you choose will make a big difference in your experience. (I chose home for maximum chance of avoiding surgery and maximum control) I have heard good things about Phoenix Baptist...about the "crunchiest" place in town.
I bought the Hypbirth CD set. It was nice to just practice at home (sometimes with doula help) Do you have experienced a doula, if you plan on being in the hospital? That increases your chances of satisfaction a lot.
I think women have to feel free to choose which method of dealing with labor really suits them. Some of us are very vocal, some can visualize well, some are kinesthetic. (Many hospitals prefer the visualization - like hypno stuff and lamaze - as women can then be passive in a bed hooked up to stuff. Vocal and kinesthetic methods of handling contractions have traditionally have not been so appreciated.)
You might want to look at the range of stuff available now to women, and fits what suits you. If you care about what you look and sound like during labor (what other people think of you) ...the hypno stuff may be for you. If you feel following instinct is the most natural thing and best..something like Birthing from within might be good.



answers from Phoenix on

I think st. Josephs hospital on thomas and 3rd street offer lamaze classes ALSO YOU MIGHT LOOK INTO A MIDWIFE THAT MIGHT BE ABLE TO GIVE HOME LESSONS. JUST DO A SEARCH



answers from Phoenix on

You can usually find Lamaze classes at the hospital where you will give birth. I gave birth twice at Phoenix Baptist and took classes there. Here is a link to the website with contact numbers for more information.

Good Luck!



answers from Phoenix on

I know you said you're looking for Lamaze, but there is a better way! Take a look at the hypnobirthing classes. They really helped me during labor and I had 30 hours of natural home labor. The only thing I would say is to have a midwife because the final stage of labor they teach in the hypnobirthing wasn't realistic for me. But for the rest of the time, hypnobirthing worked like a champ.

Here's a resource that has classes starting in November (it would be perfect timing). I didn't really like the lady that we did Hypnobirthing with, but this is another one that people like:

If you definitely want Lamaze:
Here's a link to St Joe's classes:

You can go to any hospital's website and search for classes or call the hospital and they can point you to the right place.

Even after taking classes, it was so helpful for me to have a midwife to coach me and I also had a close friend help me who has given birth before.

Congratulations and I wish you a healthy birth and a healthy baby!

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