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Updated on May 03, 2011
K.G. asks from Broomfield, CO
5 answers

We're planning a trip to Lake Tahoe this summer. We'd like to go somewhere relaxing yet family friendly (we have a 2 year old son). We'd also like to do some adventurous stuff like kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, etc..

Do any of you have suggestions on where to go and what to do? I'm a little overwhelmed with the different towns surrounding the lake so I'm not sure where to stay and what place will offer the most fun.

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answers from Sacramento on

Id go North Shore area of California. But the water in Lake Tahoe is very cold year-round, so it may not be super fun if youre a water-loving family. The scenery and hiking are great though :)

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answers from Denver on

HI, For family type fun it is best to stay on south side, or South Lake Tahoe. For boating or kayaking check out Captain Ron's. Great hiking close by too, and most likely biking depending on traffic.
Also Truckee (45 minutes west from S. Lake tahoe) is a great shopping and tourist place, lots of fun stuff to do.

And know ahead of time that the beach is not quite sand but little pepples----hence thick towel/blanket or chair recommended!



answers from New York on

Maybe I shouldn't say this but I wonder why you've picked Lake Tahoe when you live in CO... I've lived in both areas and personally am not a huge fan of Lake Tahoe in the summer. The lake is usually too cold to swim in and like you said, there are a ton of towns versus one main spot to go. South Lake has more of a cluster given the casinos but it's also rather seedy. Squaw Village would probably be my first choice but I'm not sure what it would have to offer that some place in CO like Keystone, Breckenridge etc doesn't... The weather in Tahoe is also a bit iffy. Just my 2 cents. Sorry... If you do go to South Lake, there's a Marriott I think or a big, well known name that has a nice pool and is new and in a bit of a village.



answers from Great Falls on

I perfer South Lake Tahoe. im from Northern California about 2 hours from there so growing up we went there all the time. great shopping and good eats. but lake tahoe unfortunately isnt really a great place for things like kayaking as the water is quite cold, even in summer. but there is definitely good places to hike and bike. although there are a lot of nice hotels and lodges around, most people i know will rent a cabin for the week great , which is great with kids! s i (although most kid i know loveee the idea of staying in a hotel, makes them feel grown or special or like they are doing something really fancy lol,) but can also be stressful, a cabin of your own can make it seem more like home and you can save a ton of money if you want to cook a few meals..



answers from Sacramento on

If you can afford these choices, the Hyatt Regency in Incline Village and Resort at Squaw Creek are both very nice and close to outdoor activities. They also have really nice family-friendly pool areas and restaurants. The Resort at Squaw Creek is located very close to some rafting areas. Skip South Shore Lake Tahoe if you're not into gambling.

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