Ladies with Three Children- When Did You Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

Updated on May 09, 2012
L.V. asks from Arlington, TX
10 answers

Hi, Mamas!

I am currently pregnant with number three. Yay! I know that my body is going, "Hey, I've done this before!" because everything seems to be getting tighter more quickly. So, if you've had three babies, when did you start wearing maternity clothes with your third? I'm curious because I'm currently at 9 weeks, and my pants are getting tight around the waist already. I had to dig out some maternity shorts to go to dinner last night. Thanks, mamas!

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So What Happened?

Thanks, Mamas! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one! LOL

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answers from Dover on

About 15 minutes after I found out I was pregnant. I started showing so fast the doctor did an early ultrasound to see if it was twins. It wasn't. I did start early and by the time I was due was roughly the size of a barge.

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answers from Richmond on

With the 3rd, it was almost immediately. I was so gassy and bloated the first few weeks that my clothes were uncomfortable tight anyway, so I just gave in to maternity clothes for comfort. Being the 3rd, it wasn't a big deal. I wore them for months afterward too because I was too busy with 3 kids to find my 'normal' clothes, LOL!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Every pregnancy is different, though wives tales say you get bigger sooner with every subsequent pregnancy.

That said, with all of my pregnancies, I was able to "hide" or wear my regular clothes until 6 months. And I stayed relatively small until the last month. People couldn't tell unless I was wearing something close fitting and standing up. But I'm kinda small and have always had small babies, so I don't know if that has something to do with it.

But with baby number 4, after 6 months....boom! Big. Like old school tv set in your belly big. Felt like there was a tv in there too. I delivered prematurely on that one and even though baby was only 6lbs and a month looked and felt like I was carrying an anvil. With that pregnancy, I wore alot of hubby's shirts and couldn't stand pants...even maternity pants.

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answers from Seattle on

Definitely sooner with my third! My first was after I was 6m prego. My second was a little bit sooner but with my third I felt like as soon as knew I was prego I was in maternity clothes :) Congrats!!

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answers from Phoenix on

With #3 i started somewhere around 4 with # 2 I was wearing them at 6 weeks lol.

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answers from El Paso on

Im still wearing my Jeans. Evem if they dont zip up or button up, I use a hair band tied to the button and whole lol! I hate maternity pants! I do wear lots of shorts, but I did buy cute shirts for my ever growing tummy! Lol!

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answers from Reno on

I am nearly 27 weeks with number 3 and I have been in Maternity clothes since about 12 weeks.



answers from Savannah on

I only have the one, but I was wearing maternity pants with him at 14 weeks pregnant! I was not overweight nor did I gain more than was recommended by my doctor. Some people just show differently than others! If you feel like your maternity pants are too big, but your regular pants are too small, I would recommend using a belly band. I got mine at target for about $20. I started wearing this at about 11 weeks.



answers from Cincinnati on

I think I started wearing maternity pants around 10-12 weeks with #3, 8 weeks with #4. It was more for comfort vs. actually "needing" to.



answers from Dallas on

Definitely with my 3rd pregnancy I remember at 9 weeks climbing into maternity pants, I was humiliated because I didn't want people to know yet. I could have gone in them a little sooner like 7 weeks as I know my pants were getting tight but I was fighting having to wear maternity clothes so soon LOL!!!

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