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Updated on August 10, 2009
L.G. asks from Matawan, NJ
6 answers

Does anyone know if the nestle goos start milk based formulas are lactose free? I cannot find the info on their website.

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answers from New York on

Edited to add:
According to their website all of their dairy formulas contain lactose as an ingredient:

Their soy formulas however are lactose free.

Umm. . . why are you looking for a lactose free formula? If your child cannot digest lactose they would have been put on a specially designed prescription formula already--this would've been diagnosed within a week of birth. (This is rare--maybe one in 10,000 or less babies have this problem.)

If your child has a dairy sensitivity, they should not be drinking a milk based formula. Talk to your pediatrician about what to use. A soy based may suit you. There are also supposedly "hypoallergenic" formulas out there, but they cost a lot and if your child is highly allergic to something like corn, they may react to these as well. . . Other possibilities are alternative homemade formulas that are non-dairy, but you have to be really careful that they are nutritionally well balanced for your infant (not all the ones out there are, so only use these as a last resort and research them carefully while consulting a nutritionist.)



answers from Utica on

Hi L.
Call your MD. MD should be telling you what formula your newborn is having.
In my experience nothing that does not say it is lactose free is lactose free or it would say it was lactose free, especially if you are dealing with children.
All of mine were lactose intolerant however I have an allergy. My children diagnosed early at about 1-3 mos could have a tiny bit., so left that for when we went to a restaurant, in case a batter had milk or a sauce had cheese that I never used milk or cheese in. That worked well for intolerance, not allergy.
God bless you as you continue to search.



answers from New York on

Hi L.,
I don't have specific information about formulas, my youngest is 10 and I never bought formula, but if your baby cannot digest lactose, your pediatrician should be able to prescribe/suggest the correct formula.
Good luck



answers from New York on

Their milk based formulas are not lactose free but they do have one thats called nestle good start soy. Its milk free and lactose free. Both my kids are lactose intolerant and this was the only formula that worked.



answers from New York on

Good Start is not lactose free. Many babies have a lacose intolerance, not a true allergy. They do very well on Similac Sensitive that is lactose free. It is not more expensive then the other formulas and I know that many offices have samples.



answers from New York on

i'm pretty sure they are not. my son needed lactose free and the only brand that i found that made that was Enfamil.

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