Lactation After 7 Months of Running I Pregnent!?

Updated on January 31, 2011
N.N. asks from Pompano Beach, FL
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My now 15 mo old son self weaned himself from the breast 7 months ago and I dried up soon after that with no problems or pain. Now I find myself sitting here with tingly tahtahs that bead milk when I press them. Could I be pregnant? I have not skipped a period since my cycle came back and my period SHOULD be starting in about a week or so...I've never been too regular. I am not on the pill cause before I had my son I had aggressive endometriosis that has blissfully disappeared since his birth (my little multi-blessing child!!) My Dr said there was a chance it could come back if I took the pill so hubby and I have had to use other slightly less reliable means. I dont FEEL pregnant, not like last time..but I know every pregnancy is different. Anyone ever have this happen to them?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all sooo much for your answers, I've never used a message board for advice ever and your answers helped me feel better so I could sleep last night! I took a test this morning and it was negative also I called my Dr in the afternoon and he said it may happen for the rest of my life. WOW, lol...once a mom always a mom huh! I am relieved and bummed all at the same time I got to admit. My son was a well thought out decision and I want my second child to be as well, however I couldn't stop the little daydream of my future daughter Angela Grace. Well, good things come to those who wait! A little crazy thought also flashed through my head of seeing if I could make my milk come back in so I could have that lovely curvy figure I had when I was breast feeding. Oh well! So thanks again all!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I started leaking breast milk after a miscarriage. I had no idea I had been pregnant, but could remember a yucky period about 8-9 months previously after falling at work while mopping my classroom at child care. I had to have a D-n-C due to tissue remaining in the womb.

There is no telling what could be going on but an OB/GYN could tell you is what it may be.

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answers from Provo on

I know when I'm ovulating, I get some milk coming out.



answers from Provo on

It sounds like some kind of hormone imbalance.



answers from Tampa on

It's possible you could be pregnant. But it is also possible that you could have cysts causing it. I would start with a pregnancy test. If I wasn't pregnant I would go to a doctor right away. My Aunt had leakage and it ended up being several cysts in her breasts causing it. Of course they were nothing serious. They just went in and removed them and tested them for cancer. They were not cancer and all was well. My breasts hadn't leaked at all after I quit nursing my daughter and then about ten years ago I started leaking. It was due to my thyroid. They tested me and I have hypothyroidism. Started the medicine and the leaking stopped.



answers from Orlando on

I have heard this friends and they were not pg. It could be that your hormones are still adjusting. Or if you are around another BF'ingo
Mom , you can lactate. I've also heard that you can lactate for up to 5 years after weaning your baby. Are you hoping to be pg??? If so, take a test and let us know. Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

My youngest is 4 and I still leak sometimes and can always squeeze something out. Only way to know for sure is to test in a week.



answers from Miami on

That I am aware of (I'm having my 4th baby in 3 months) our breasts do not immediately begin producing milk during pregnancy. NONE of my pregnancies ever made my breasts produce milk while pregnant. Now, I am in my third trimester and a teeny tiny small amount of clear liquid comes out when I pinch my nipples but first comes colostrum, then comes milk. I'd take a pregnancy test to know for sure and not use what comes out of your breasts as an indicator for pregnancy. In addition, when my second daughter was weaned, it was MONTHS before nothing at all came from my breasts. With my third child, I dried up fairly quick and even when my first born self weaned, it was months before nothing at all came from my breasts when I pinched them lightly. My guess is that you are not as dry as you may believe.


answers from Kansas City on

I was a horrible breast feeder, dried up in just a few weeks each time, and yet I leaked when hearing babies cry for over 10 years.



answers from Sarasota on

I can't speak to the other issues, but I was capable of producing milk for years after both kids. I tried not to squeeze because I didn't want to encourage it, but sometimes I would find a little dried milk. Hope that helps!


answers from Tampa on

You never 'dry up'... the body always keeps a set default as a memory. Has your son been laying his head or nuzzling your breasts more often? Have you been around crying infants?

You can always have your prolactin and thyroid levels checked if it's a big issue for you.


answers from Detroit on

honey my "baby" is 4 years old and i can sometimes feel my milk fall and i can still squeeze a little milk out! and i had the nerve to dry up after 6 months of breastfeeding! go figure my ob/gyn says its normal! but if you think that you are pregnant,take a test!


answers from Rochester on

When we were trying to conceive our third I was absolutely convinced I was pregnant one month--I had some leaking when I pressed on my nipples and my breasts felt so engorged--I would sit at work thinking, "I need a pumping break soon or I'm going to leak everywhere!!" only to remember I was not even lactating. I think my hormones were just a bit messed up, but I was pregnant the next month. I have read that it can take a VERY long time for breasts to completely stop producing milk, even if it seems like they have stopped, and hormones will definitely make your breasts tender. So, you could be, but you might not be. Not so helpful, I know. :)

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