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Updated on April 06, 2010
M.C. asks from Arvada, CO
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if im lactating but not pregnant and stopped breastfeeding my baby,if i started pumping would i start producing breast milk?

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So What Happened?

well like for 2 months ive been lactating and don't know why i have breastfed my daughter in over 6 months

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answers from Barnstable on

Mothers have been able to restart full lactation after a gap as long as 6 weeks! How old is the baby and how long has it been since you pumped or nursed?

Pumping and breastfeeding a lot (literally pump one side while he nurses the other), fenugreek supplements, an occasional beer and lots of water will get you going. There are even medications that are safe for baby but will kick your milk supply into high gear.

If you need help, contact me.

Good Luck!



answers from New York on

Hmmmm! Interesting question. I know for sure that once you have breastfed and well stopped breasteeding for a while you can restart. you said that you are still lactating, probably not as heavy as before. it is stimulated by the sucking action of the baby and pumping produces that same effect. so if it is you want to start breastfeeding again you can try it and be sure to take in a lot of fluids.

good luck



answers from Salt Lake City on

Yes. It might take a while to re-lactate depending on how long ago you stopped Breastfeeding.



answers from Pueblo on

I have heard that women can get the milk back up to 4 years after nursing a baby, even if they are not pregnant. Say for example, you were to adopt a baby, and you let the baby nurse, your milk would come back within a few days. I know you would probably have to supplement milk in a small tube while the baby was sucking at first, so it would get something and still be able to stimulate your breasts, until they started producing their own milk. But, yes, we are made to be milk machines. It probably ensures the survival of the species.



answers from Pocatello on

Yes, it would take patience and perseverance but yes you could do it. I don't know how old your baby is but the answer would still apply...

This article is taken from

Q: Is it possible to restart breastfeeding after a baby is already weaned after the first birthday?

A: It is possible. I do not know from your question how long it has been since the baby breastfed. If it has been many months, you are talking about induced lactation, because the milk-making parts of the breast have already closed down and gone back to pre-pregnancy state. If you are talking about a recent weaning, you are then discussing relactation, starting up a system that is just slowed down. Techniques for relactating and inducing lactation are similar:

If baby is still interested in breastfeeding, putting the baby to breast often and also doing some pumping and breast massage may get your milk flowing again.

If the baby has forgotten how to breastfeed, or is no longer interested in breastfeeding, it is possible to pump with a hospital grade double electric pump throughout the day and work on inducing lactation.

Since your baby is over one year old, you can continue with his/her regular diet while you are establishing your milk supply. If your baby was younger, you would need to be concerned about how to keep the baby well nourished during this process.

You will probably want to get some guidance from your local IBCLC or La Leche League Leader to help you. She will be able to give you many more positive tips and ideas for your individual case.

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