Labour Signs ?

Updated on September 27, 2011
B.K. asks from Albany, CA
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Hi Ladies
What were the signs that you were in labour.?
With my son my waters broke at 37 weeks so that was a clear indication. I am just over 36 weeks gone so I suppose I am reading into every sign.
Since yesterday I have bad pain in my hips and legs. I vomitted twice already today and generally don't feel well.
So my question is could this be early labour and will baby be ok born now?. She was weighing 4 lbs 4 ozs at 31 week scan.

My hubby is at work two hrs away so I don't want him rushing home for no reason.
All the best
B. k

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone. I had a long bath which helped. The pain is still there but not as strong. Maybe its just the last few weeks discomfort,hard to tell.
Hubby is home and has promised me a massage!!
Nausea eased a bit .
I will let you know if anything stirs!!
Thanks again lovely ladies.

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I was induced with my 1st and 3rd, but with my 2nd, I wouldn't sleep one night. I was so crabby and huge and exhausted, but I couldn't sleep, so I called my doctor to complain (literally, LOL!)... he told me I was in labor. I was like 'yeah right!! It's 2am and I can't sleep because I'm fat and pregnant, that's all'... my doc said 'R., get in here NOW'... So I did, and I was almost 6 cm dilated, and my daughter came about 3 hours later :)

Hang in there! Not too much longer, but you still have a few weeks :)

My first was 10 days over due, my second was 3 days over due, and my 3rd was one day early ONLY because neither my doctor or myself wanted a Christmas baby (his birthday is 4 days before Christmas!)

Good luck B.!!

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My sign with my second child was a tiny bit of water that leaked (no larger than a quarter). Four hours later the contractions began. He was born 2 weeks early.
Can hubby work from home as you approach your due date?
Congrats! And keep us posted on how things are going! :-)

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My 1st boy was born at 36 weeks and was perfectly healthy and went home in 24 hours. I have heard that girls' lungs develop quicker than boys (not sure if that is true or not) so your little girl should be safely developed by now. I wouldnt worry yourself too much, especially if she was over 4lbs at 31 wks. 5 more weeks is a lot of time to grow. My friend had a true premie that was born at a little over 4lbs and was sent home once he hit the 5lb mark. Im sure your baby is well over that already!

As for the vomitting? Im not sure if thats a symptom of labor or not, but if your intuition is telling you it might be, definitely get checked out or at the very minimum, call your doc and see what she/he says! The pain in your hips legs could be a sign that your body is getting ready for birth, which makes sense since you're almost full term!

Good luck and congrats!!

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If your baby is born now, she'll almost for sure be just fine. Past 34 weeks, you're pretty okay.

What you're describing doesn't sound like any labor I have experienced with my four, but each woman could be different. It sounds more like you're sick. Be careful of dehydration, though. My friend had her baby four weeks ago at 35 weeks from getting dehydrated and vomiting constantly.

I'm just over 38 weeks now, and I have contractions regularly. Some are quite painful, but they aren't "real" contractions. They hurt differently. I have vomited during labor before, but it was during transition, not at the beginning. I've also felt like I have suddenly come down with a cold (sore throat, not feeling well) and it was really signs of I went into labor just a few hours later and never developed a cold).

You should let your doctor know, though. I'm sure each woman can have different signs! Hope you feel better.

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BUT not yet.

If you still are feeling yuck call midwife/OB.

You may have bug.

Water. Left side. Relax. I know that is hard to do in this situation. I know you can do it though.

Baby would be able to make it out side at this point....but it would be more ideal to keep him/her in the oven a bit longer.

I will be saying a prayer for you lady!!

Go Luck and hang in there:)

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first baby was induced at 40wks. 2nd, my water broke at 39 wks and had her 5 hours later. 3rd I went to the hospital 4 times in 3 weeks. I thought SO many times he was coming. I would have mild contrations so regularly. I would get some painful ones and I would get to the hospital and they would stop. I decided that i wasnt going in till either my water broke or I couldnt breath with the contraction. So one night I was doing dishes, and got this massive headache. I took one tylenol and it just got worse. I felt generally ill, and severely irritated. Just like you. My poor husband is like, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. After screaming and stomping around the house for a good hour, I got dizzy and thats when i said, I got to go in cause I think its by blood pressure. I had a baby 3 hours after walking in the ER door.
The baby will have a higher chance at life past the 29th week. Though she will be very early. The longer you keep her in there the better. So no matter what, if you are sick or not feeling well its best to go in and rule out labor. Your husband will have to make his work understand. This is not a cut and dried operation :)

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Better call the doc, see what they say. I do know pre term labor feels dif from term labor.

Woohoo, how exciting! Even if it's not, won't be long now!

Better to wait til term of course, 4 or 5 lbs may have issues a term baby doesn't, and may need to be in the NICU.....still healthy but early is manageable, right?

Keep us posted!


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The signs you describe could be early labor signs, but generally speaking (the hospital where I work) we have mamas come in when they are having regular contractions 3-5 minutes apart,lasting one minute and getting stronger progressively. At 36 weeks, most doctors will not try to stop your labor. The baby may have to spend a few days in the NICU for observation, but should be fine.

I would still call your OB/midwife to let them know your signs and let them decide if it warrants a check or not. Good luck!!

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Not sure if that's a sign of labor, anything's possible. I would watch for contractions, and maybe put a call into your OB. With all my labors the my water broke along with contractions and the feeling of having to make a bowel movement.

My son was born at 37 weeks too and then my daughter was born at 36 weeks. She was fine, her lungs were fine and she came home after the normal 48 hours in the hospital. She was on the small side (6 lbs 2oz) so along with breastfeeding, which I usually had to wake her up for, I had to supplement either pumped milk or formula with formula. When they're born that early they're just too tired to suckle and really want to sleep. Wishing you good labor vibes!

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