LA For 3 Days - What to Do????

Updated on November 07, 2011
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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We will be in LA during thanksgiving weekend - wednesday to Saturday. I was looking for things to do with my son who will be 19 months old then. We will be staying with a friend for 2 days and need ideas on where to stay the other two days - in LA or drive to a near by city? What are the must-do things while we are there - for adults and toddlers?
I would love to take my son to disney and sea world. But I read somewhere that the kids this young will be very overwhelmed with too many things going on, noise, crowd and get very tired. Is it true? I am ok with spending the money as long as he will enjoy himself even though he won't remember much(hey I have very good camera for but I don't want him to get tired and cranky. Did anyone take young toddlers to these places? How was your experience?
Other than these, what else can we do with little toddlers? I would love to go to beaches , sight seeing. Not very interested in museums,zoo etc as we can do that in our city as well. I am looking for things we adults can enjoy too and not make this trip all about the kid.
Thanks moms!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I don't know what area you are going to be staying in but here are some recommendations based on different areas. I have lived in LA for 12 years and with toddlers for 4 years. I was a nanny before that so if you have any more questions about specific areas, you can message M.! I have taken kids as young as yours to disneyland, and it is do-able, but it is really more for you at this age.... to see your child smile and for you to see disneyland. There won't be many rides your son can go on but there is an area, toon town, he can wander all around without having to wait in long lines (which can be difficult at 19 months).

Other great ideas with kids: in Los Feliz in Griffith park there is a train ride and pony rides. Kids love the rides! There is also a travel town train area further into griffith. On saturdays and Sundays you can also ride the Carousel in Griffith park. Also, there is alot of hiking and exploring in this area.
During Thanksgiving it is fun to go to the Grove with small kids--- this is in the "middle of LA" pretty much, it's a big outdoor shopping mall off of Fairfax... I think Santa Claus shows up in his gorgeous house around thanksgiving time. Sometimes they have snow! It will be crowded though but you can ride a trolly and watch the fountain water show...

If you are further south or near long beach, the Long Beach Aquarium is an incredible place to go to with toddlers--- they can just run all around and look at all the fish. It's fun for adults too.

Something you won't find anywhere else is the Santa Monica Pier in Santa monica. There are rides and games and it's pretty much a fun spectacle for that age (mostly to people watch). He'd probably enjoy the Carousel and walking down the beach. There is an arcade along with plenty of food, the world famous ferris wheel and lots of rides...

Of course, the beach is a great place to go too, and I would suggest Manhattan or Hermosa Beach with small children. They tend to be the cleanest and have the easiest parking... Santa monica is nice too but it is a bit more crowded.

If you are in the valley area there is much to do in the way of parks and kids stores and that kind of thing. Lots of shopping for mama on Ventura and plenty of things for a toddler to look at (if he's in a stroller)...

In Hollywood you could go for a hike up runyon canyon with your son and "explore" --- that might be alot of fun for him! Or even take a stroll down Hollywood Blvd and shop/sight see at Hollywood and Highland. LOTS for a toddler to look at there but don't forget the stroller or carrier as it's very crowded on Hollywood Blvd.!

Have fun!

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answers from Washington DC on

I wouldn't take a 19 month old to Disneyland - he won't be able to ride many of the rides and it will be sensory overload.

It's been over 20 years since I've lived in LA. Sea World is in San Diego which is a two hour drive is W. Animal park...that might be so overwhelming for him...and it's fun and it's not a typical "zoo" although the San Diego Zoo is the best zoo in the world in my opinion and I've been to a ton of zoos!! :)

There is a LEGOLand park in San Diego as well. It's expensive but fun if he likes LEGOs!!!

I wish I had better answers for you!!
Take him to the beach. Yeah, it will be cold but there's much to do - Newport Beach has the ferris wheel on the pier (I think it's Newport - it's been sooo long!!)

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answers from Salinas on

Not sure what museums you have in your city but the Getty in LA is unlike any museum I've been to. It's much more than art exhibits, there are amazing gardens, the buildings are art in and of themselves, you can spend hours just walking around with lots of grass and pathways for a little kid to run around on. The entrance is free but you pay a few dollars to ride an almost all window tram up which my kids loved. Of course adults appreciate the art but really children of any age would have fun, and get worn out just from walking around. Another idea is the Griffith Observatory, not as much space to run around but great views of the city and you can go to a playground in Griffith Park to wear out the baby. I think there is also a mini train nearby that a toddler would love. Just google Griffith Park.
I would also recommend walking around Venice Beach and/or Santa Monica. Santa Monica has the amusement park on the peir. It's fun just to walk around and people watch. You can also rent bikes and a trailer for the baby.
I did bring our youngest to Disney at around 10 months but it was really for my older daughter, we did it again when the littlest was older since of course it didn't mean anything to her at such a young age.
We'll be in LA visiting family for TG as well, have fun!

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answers from Los Angeles on

We live here and have a 3 year old and 5 year old, so when they were younger, definitely not Disneyland. Seaworld would be better for his age, although still not a lot for him to do. Long Beach Aquarium was a good suggestion, smaller venues would be much better. If you want to see some of the sights in Hollywood, do the double decker bus tour where you can get on and off, you get to see the sights and your son will hopefully like the bus ride and the scenery. We just did it when my cousins were out, and we loved it! The beach is a good one, it's a little cold, but it's still the beach.

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