Kumon vs the Other Math Lerning Centers.

Updated on July 02, 2010
R.R. asks from Frisco, TX
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My 7 year old took the math test at Kumon, but I am not sure if we are taking a good decision to enroll him or not. Any other good suggestions from your experieced.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi R.,
I'm an administrator with Hoppy2Learn. I have also worked for a tutoring facility where students work in groups of 3, on different worksheets, at a rate ranging from (lowest I saw) $38 an hour to the (highest) $53. H. 2Learn is an online computer program where students work independently (with parent supervision) on interactive lesson. Lessons are game like, and most students don't realize they are learning.

Tests at most tutoring are designed to have students score at lower than they are trully at so that parents feel they need to purchase tutoring or their child will never be at grade level. Many centers have parents sign a contract of minimum 3 months at no less than $400.00 a month, some centers state there is a discount as long as you prepay 4-6 months in advance. This is unfortunate, parents taking a loan or or maxing out a credit card is just not right.

So please consider Hoppy2Learn where the price is set very low, unlimited time for lessons, and 4 curriculums to chose from.

Thank you,
Tamra Yorkshire
Hoppy2Learn administrator



answers from Dallas on

Kumon is expensive. . . especially for basic math skills.
I am a private tutor. You can find me on local businesses. click on education and then tutoring.
listed as: For the Love of Tutoring. My rates are affordable.


answers from Dallas on

I do not have expereince with the math centers such as Kumon.

What I have learned from Plano ISD is that the teacher teach a certain way and if you go to another source for teaching, your child might not learn the same methods that are being taught in the school.

MANY teachers tutor on the side and throughout the summer. Your guidance counselor at your school would know who does this. Also, I have found great tutors who are certified teachers but "retired" for the time being and raising their children. The one on one with these teachers is fantastic.

I have a 14 yr old in all honors classes and we have had tutors for years (as most honors+ students do). I pay $50 per hour per tutor for math, reading, $20 for violin (1/2 hr), $60 for cheer coach.

I have seen several moms on this site that advertise tutoring and I would certainly check them out if I needed one and before I went to a setting like Kumon.

I don't mean to be trashing Kumon, I know it is a good school....I do think the one on one with someone who has been in the classroom teaching is better.

Good luck



answers from Dallas on

Rossel, I offer tutoring services in the DFW area. I am located at 5601 Bridge Street, suite 335, Fort Worth, TX 76112, ###-###-####. I have tutored for 13 years and have operated Christian Cottage Prep (small class setting for students that are bright, but need a bit of personal attention to reach their goals) for 8 years. I have been at my current location for 2 school terms and was out of my house prior to that. Please call or email and I will be happy to give you numbers for reference. All of my students are personal one on one. Parents are always welcome to sit in the session. Blessings, T. Willis



answers from Dallas on

My teacher friend worked at Kumon very briefly. There is very little interaction and the program is worksheet driven.

The math program at Sylvan is interactive and hands-on. However, it is more expensive than most private tutors. In my experience, students at Sylvan perform well as long as they are enrolled at Sylvan, earning extrinsic rewards for their performance. Many fall back into poor patterns when they finish their programs.

As the previous poster mentions, a private tutor might be the best solution. If you can find an experienced educator to work with your son, you will get more bang for your buck than if you send him to either of the aforementioned centers.

Finally, I would recommend that you call your son’s school to see if they offer any tutorial programs.

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