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Updated on January 17, 2013
M.M. asks from Amherst, OH
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Has anyone places their children in a Kumon MATH program?
I did for few months and did see a lot of improvement but then it was becoming boring for my son so I stopped.

please share your thoughts.

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answers from Washington DC on

If he's bored and resistant you are right to stop.

See if the school has math tutoring -- there may be programs of which you're not aware, right there in his school. Sometimes local high schoolers come into schools to tutor younger kids. Or his math teacher may have ideas.

Kumon tends to be about worksheet after worksheet and (though we have not used it) I know parents who said Kumon meant doing loads of worksheets at home, which both the kids and the parents disliked-- it was just more homework each day. We use Mathnasium instead, which never sends home any worksheets or homework; all work is done during the Mathnasium session itself. My daughter likes doing Mathnasium in the summer (we don't do it in the school year at all). Check them out online.



answers from San Francisco on

They teach math completely different now than in my day (I'm 53). I recently went to Family Math Night at my GD's school. The instructor told us that they way they are teaching math now, gets the kids ready for algebra. I have been so lost with trying to help her with math, but after that one hour, I feel a lot more confident and I now understand there is a method to their madness!

Kumon probably teaches the old-fashioned way so your son may not be getting much out of it after memorizing math facts.



answers from San Francisco on

My girl did it for two or three years in elementary school. She developed a very solid foundation in Math facts and does well in Math in Middle and high schools. Kumon is drilling in the brain, just like training in sports or practicing a musical instrument... but one thing different is that team sports is social, doing Math or practicing piano is not, so you can see a reason why it becomes boring... and you can decide/evaluate whether he should pursue it further or not.



answers from Miami on

When he won't do it anymore, then it's time to stop. Same thing happened with my kids...




answers from San Francisco on

I did send my twin girls and boy to go to Kumon MATH years ago. Yes, it had become quite boring for my three kids in the beginning, however, I made effort to let them be happier to go to the class by asking the instructor to give them fun by adopting competitive strategy.
My suggestion to the “Kumon MATH” parents is: "Learn & Play Kumon MATH with your child - let Kumon MATH to be fun". My three children went all the way from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Until the date when three of them reached to 8th grade, we decided to stop because of conflicting to their school activities as well as we believed they had learned determination and known how to self-study. I never ever expect them to get good grades at Math in school but expecting them to build on the three R's: Repetition, Reinforcement, and Retention. In fact, because of Kumon MATH that guided them to make perfect of self-study up to today. Since then, they have become very active to complete their work-done as well as do the right things and make the things right. Because of Kumon MATH’s training, they never feel bore for everything they have learned, they practice PDAC – Plan, Do, Check, Action – for whatever they do. Years pass, I very much appreciate Kumon MATH had made differences to my three children.


answers from Dallas on

Ive been teaching over 10 yrs and our school prefers parents not to use the tutoring businesses which are focused on 1 thing... profit.

Some of these places teach a different method vs how they teach at school and the child gets even more confused.

We do offer daily after school tutoring (FREE) for about 45 minutes. We do our best to make math fun and an adventure to learn.

If your child needs more help, ask the teacher for guidance on computer games which are math focused, tutoring at school and basic games you can do at home to help.

I don't know the age of your child but if you take them to the grocery with you, you can do a lot of fun math games, questions with buying groceries. Yes it takes a bit more time on your part but it demonstrates to the children how math is used daily.

Good luck to you.

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