Know of a Fun, Interactive, Portable Electronic Toy for 2-Year-old?

Updated on July 14, 2008
M.S. asks from Bolingbrook, IL
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Hi ladies,

We're taking a couple of road trips this summer and my daughter has a Nintendo DS to play with in the car. Our 2-year-old is at the copying stage and wants to do everything his older sister is doing. Obviously I'm not going to give him a Nintendo DS to play with, but can anyone recommend a fun, interactive, portable electronic toy for him? It has to be something he can hold on his lap in the car.



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V-smile has a portable electronic games that teaches kids numbers, letters, shapes, colors, etc.



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My 2 year old loves the Learn Through Music system by Fisher Price. My older son learned a ton from it, so I am happy to see my 2 year old loving it as well. It teaches educational things, with Elmo, Blues Clues, Dora, etc. I really like it, except I wish it had earphone capability.



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Highly recommend the Leapster for the two year old. They have great, learning games, some of it has videos for them to watch, and the set up is easy for them and their coordination. Pretty sure that the Letter Factory is how my oldest learned all his sounds. =)



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My kids (ages 4 and 5) love to draw. They each have a big Fisher Price doodle pad that you can draw and erase. it's not electronic, but still occupies them for longer stretches.

Often times in the car, they put it between them and play tic tac toe together too. The pen is attached by a piece of string so it never gets lost either.

It's a great travel toy for the car!



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The portable V-Smile is fun. Also Fisher Price has a pretend computer that teaches the alphabet. My son still plays with this even though we have the Nintendo DS also.

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