Know How Deceptive Teens Get Drunk?

Updated on January 29, 2010
A.K. asks from Hingham, MA
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Hi, all~

I was at lunch with two friends yesterday and one related a story that has me a little freaked out. Apparently, there were drunk girl/s at a middle school dance in a town next to ours not too long ago. (Okay, that's disturbing but not completely unheard of.) The method for getting drunk is what's most upsetting about this. The kid/s put vodka on tampons and inserted them. The vodka is absorbed into the body and the girl/s are able to avoid detection. I guess the evidence was left in the ladies room and that's how they were found out. Supposedly there's a youtube video about this method and drinking without getting detected or something like that.

My daughter is 13 and my boys are 11. I believe they are very far away from even thinking about drinking, but I still want to stay one step ahead in the event the day ever arrives. Has anyone ever heard of this method? More importantly, have you heard of other equally deceptive methods? I think every parent of middle and high school parents needs to be aware. Thanks for your help.

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answers from Kansas City on

oh my gosh! I have never heard of that.... but it is so good to stay informed on these things! Thank you for sharing!

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answers from Springfield on

Apparently it also works through the rectum, so boys need not be excluded from this method! I think there's got to be such an 'eewwww' to this whole idea that it's unlikely to catch on in a big way. Part of the 'fun' of drinking was the social aspect - playing stupid games, watching each other doing shots, etc, which would be WEIRD with this concept. The logistics are mind-boggling - can you picture them sitting around as a group inserting tampons into various orifices? Or in a public bathroom, chatting to each other from within the stalls? Doesn't sound that fun.
I did notice in someone else's post the question "do you really think your daughter would try to deceive you" - answer....DUH - YES! Kids lie so they can get to do what they want. We all did it! Adult supervision is key, ask questions and follow up on their answers. Check to see if the movie they say they're going to is even playing at that time. Call the home they say they're going to be hanging out at to see if the parents will be present, offer to come by with pizza later on (who can resist that?). Always have a parent be the drop-offer and picker-upper from events. Young people are notorious for making poor decisions in the heat of the moment, you can only do your best to be vigilant to help them make it to adulthood relatively unscathed!

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answers from Hartford on

I'm leaning towards thinking that it's not even possible to get drunk this way. The discomfort from the burning wouldn't be worth any possible "benefits." It might disinfect and maybe act as a spermicide, though. ;-)

In all seriousness, it's a good idea to check out Snopes to see if things like this are Spam or not.

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answers from Portland on

Yes, I just learned of this method to get drunk. What they won't think of next.

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answers from Boston on

As disturbing and completely made up as this may sound, it's very real. My sister works in the emergency room and has seen cases of girls using tampons soaked in vodka to get drunk. This is a way for girls to get drunk and it actually gets them drunk faster. There are some additional health risks with this but I don't always remember what my sister says about her nights in the ER : )

I've also heard from a friend who is a social worker in an urban school of girls douching with coca-cola. They do this after sex to avoid getting pregnant. Crazy yes but if this is what girls think then parents need to start having the talk earlier and schools should be teaching curriculum in health classes too that address these topics. I worked in a school district where sex ed was taught but it was the end of the 8th grade year - you've missed some kids already at this age!!

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answers from Providence on

This is absolutely true. Alcohol can be absorbed faster this way and you won't get the telltale smell on your breath. DH treated an alcoholic atthe hospital the other day because he had inserted alcohol soaked paper towels in his nether regions (he had throat cancer).

Here is a link from an .edu site that warns of the dangers.

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answers from Cleveland on

Wow that is disturbing!! Although you feel your kids are far from something like that, talk to them anyways!! They arent too young to be educated, and WARNED how dangerous this can be. I use stories like this all the time to bring up touchy subjects with my son! Its scary being a parent of teens or pre-teens. Recently we discovered my very young neice (15) is sexually active, and although I feel I saw it coming her mom was in complete denial. It's never too soon to teach your kids the dangers out there!! And to prevent some of these events from happening! I am always amazed at the new methods kids use these days, you have to stay TWO steps ahead!

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answers from Boston on

Sad to say but I have heard of this before.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Thank you for posting this. I haven't heard.
We were very lucky with our eldest and so far with our 14 year old. I keep a very close eye on tv and internet. It does help that she is still very attached to my husband and I.
It is always good to be aware of what the other kids are doing.
As far as alcohol is concerned I have let my children take a sip here and there of wine and beer. It wsa enough to keep my now 20 year old away from alcohol until he joined the Navy and went to Japan (drinkning age is 20). He still refuses beer but will drink rum and cokes.
We are pretty open about the consumption of alcohol and about Grandma's level of capacity after 5PM. It is a rough lesson but my FIL had a massive stroke and is paralyzed from smoking and Grandma, my mom, is an alcoholic.

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answers from Detroit on

Seems to me, that would truly burn the tissue? Vodka has a high percentage of alcohol, so wouldn't there be some type of symptom or effect from this- vaginally?

I first would not put this fear out there. (Think of 'The Secret', if you will... you would just be drawing trouble to you.

Is your daughter going to truly deceive you?

It is one thing to be 'a step ahead', but it's another to expect trouble if it is not going to occur. It is almost like you are labeling your child and it doesn't sound like she is that way from your post.

Don't forget... Our kids still view us as their role models. If you are deceptive, chances are they will be, too. I don't care what age they are, they will mimic you and it will be the excuse later "Well you do it.".

As long as you have an open, honest relationship and communicate both ways, I would not foresee an issue.



answers from Providence on

I have not heard of this, but am interested in hearing from parents with teens since my son is 11 and the teen years are just around the corner.


answers from Boston on

Thsi seems to becoming a Urban Myth, please see this responseon

it is sounding like it may not of been anyone you knew, you pals knew or if it even happened locally


answers from Boston on

There are a lot of stories about this and it's questionable whether they are true or not. (See as others have posted.) However, what IS important is that the rumor is out there and therefore kids THINK they can get drunk this way, and may be doing damage to their vaginal tissues. It's also seems pretty inefficient, frankly, since the tampon absorbs a good percentage of the alcohol which therefore wouldn't be absorbed. BUT kids aren't going to beat a breathalyzer test this way because alcohol is excreted in part thru the lungs so it will still be on their breath. The main point, I think, is that these young kids are in possession of alcohol to begin with - how they ingest it is secondary. I think a lot of us are unaware of our children's early exposure to and interest in alcohol, and we're kind of in denial about it. I think parents should contact their school's health & phys ed department (depending on who handles this education) and find out when the curriculum is introduced. In our town, it's part of a whole program on making healthy decisions in a variety of areas. Parents could also contact the school resource officer if there is one - this is a police office assigned part-time or full-time to the schools, usually the high school. But again, high school is too late. Parents also need to look at their own alcohol use, their alcohol supply, and their children's association with older siblings, cousins, neighbors etc. who have real or fake IDs. Also, those families who keep a spare refrigerator in the garage full of beer need to realize that teens often break into garages (which often have side doors or unlocked windows, and usually are outside the security system).

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