Know Any Good Debt Consolidation Companies?

Updated on July 21, 2010
K.S. asks from Anna, TX
10 answers

I was wondering if anyone knew of or used a reputable debt consolidation or debt solution type of company. I would be greeatful for any help.

Thank you

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answers from San Francisco on

Some years ago I went through AAA Fair Credit Foundation. They were really good! I am so happy that they helped me clear my debts!!

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answers from Kansas City on

DON'T DO IT!!!! Read Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover!!" Your local library should have it (I checked out the CD version and listened in my car), or go to

Debt consolidation companies are a ripoff!! They are no better than check cashing places that profit off of people already in debt. You can do EVERYTHING they do for yourself and not have to pay anyone! YOU can get creditors off your back! YOU have the power! YOU can do it!

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answers from Cincinnati on

I don't know who Dave Ramsey is, but my neighbors use his system, and they don't leave the house.....ever. When I say ever, I mean they don't drive cars unless it's to their job. They don't come over to neighborhood cookouts because the 2 liter of pop and a potato dish would be too expensive. Their children come to my house and beg for popcicles, because they don't have them at your house. (The popcicles that are $3 for 100 of them). I'm not sure of the ins and outs of the system, but it appears to be intense. There is NO spending of any kind.

Anyhow, I used, and they changed my life! They do not received part of the payment, there are NO fees. They called my creditors and lowered interest rates and helped us pay a debt in 4 years that would have taken us 15 years!!! try them!

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answers from Sioux Falls on

I did the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class. It will teach you how to snowball your debt and get it paid off, without using a debt consolidation company. When you use a debt company, it HURTS your credit! When companies settle for less than what you owe them, it puts a black mark on your credit for each one! The class will teach you how to negotiate for a lower interest rate and how to cover your "four walls" first: food, clothing, shelter, utilities. He will also teach you to not be so intimidated by collectors and how to get them to leave you alone.
I took the 13 week course. Very much worth it!


answers from Fresno on

This is not a debt consolidation company; rather it's a company that helps you get organized, track your payments, and tells you (based upon your payments every month) when you will be debt-free. It has been very helpful for us:



answers from Kansas City on

Rachel said it all!!! Also look into Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University books. He is awesome and has realistic ways to become debt free!



answers from Phoenix on

My friends used a non profit - Take Charge America it helped them a lot



answers from Chicago on

i don't know who Dave Ramsey is but CCCS, is not helpful. call your bank or credit union. they can help you. call each creditor and negotiate with them. don not pay a third party to do this, all of this can be done by you and you will save more money this way.
those Debt consolidation companies take a huge chunk of your payments. Been there done that....



answers from Johnstown on




answers from Houston on

I think CCCS..Consumer Credit Consolidation Services....Dont hate me...but I could be wrong with the "c's"....hahaha I THINK thats it. A friend did it years ago.....surely, they have a web-site.


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