Knots on Back of Baby's Head

Updated on June 17, 2010
J.K. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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I have a two month old and I noticed that he has these weird knots on the lower back of his head. One on each side. He's been to the doctor 3 times and then another 3 times when he got circumcised. I never noticed them before but he's healthy and happy. I wondered if these were just normal bumps. They move around when you touch them and it doesn't bother him. I'm going to mention it at his next well check appointment but I wondered if these were normal knots. I tried googling it out of curiosity but only found websites to where I can purchase these things...LOL

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answers from Philadelphia on

I am with Sandy in this subject. My older son, too, had two lymph nodes. One behind his ear lobe, in the head. The other, on the back of his head at the base of it. I Noticed them very early and asked my father, first. Later, his next visit I scheduled, the ped. confirmed what my father said. There were lymph nodes. They are harmless.

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answers from San Antonio on

they are lymph nodes and they are an important part of his immune system... and have other functions.

They might swell when he has some sort of infection, but that's part of his job.

They are particularly prominent of babies b/c of a lack of fat in that area to drown them out.

Congrats on your sweet new baby!

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answers from New York on

They could be lymph nodes. they get larger when your body is fighting an infection. or they could be a birth mark, sort of like a mole. my son had a lump that sounded like that on his scalp. it felt like a piece of bone under the skin. never hurt, wasn't red, it was just there. It eventually dissolved, however the Dr checked it at every visit. So I think you should mention it at your next appt. If he's not feeling well or it changes in size, shape or color you should bring him in right away. good luck and congratd on your new baby!

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answers from Indianapolis on

I'd also recommending having the pediatrician look at them, but I wouldn't wait until the next appointment not knowing what they are. If they are lymph nodes, they'd certainly be tender and uncomfortable for her when you touch them (if she's fighting an infection of some sort).

My kinds never had anything like that, but when I found a knot on my collarbone, I'm glad I followed my instancts and had them checked because my situation was serious (even though most people dismissed it as part of being postpartum).

Good luck.

Instead of Google, I'd recommend either (parenting website from the American Academy of Pediatrics), or to see if that can provide any helpful possibilities. Regardless, I'd call the pediatrician and let them be the ones to decide if they need you to bring him in or not.

Just a quick note on lymph nodes - they're not all harmless. 95% of swollen nodes are normal infection-fighting causes. In my case, the small, pea-sized node on my collarbone that didn't hurt was cancer. Whenever nodes are involved, always have them checked out.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

They might just be glands....have the doc look at them.

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answers from Dallas on

My daughter had one on her head and it slowly grew with her - it always remained the same percentage of her head, but it freaked me out. The pedi sent us to a pediatric derm who said we'd probably want to get it removed to ease our minds but there was no rush. She had it removed at 1 (because I had a baby on the way...they told us we could wait until she was 3 but I wanted to be able to give her all my attention). It was indeed nothing serious, but I felt better knowing that!

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answers from Albuquerque on

My 3 month old son has one of those knots behind his left ear and I showed the doctor and he said it looks just like a swollen lymph node. He said it is a good sign the body is doing what it should as far as fighting off a virus or something. It has been there a couple weeks though and my son hasn't shown any signs of being sick, so I'm going to ask again at his 4 month appointment, but I think it is nothing to worry about.



answers from Phoenix on

I wonder if they are inflamed lymph nodes. There are many in that region. They swell when one's immune system is fighting a virus, etc.

Definitely have your pediatrician examine.

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