Knocked Out Tooth, Now One Next to It Is Loose

Updated on April 03, 2013
C.A. asks from Shohola, PA
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So about 3 weeks ago my 5 yr old was running with a toy in her mouth (can't even remember how many times she got yelled at not too), she than came screaming, blood coming out and her bottom middle tooth was very loose. She ate dinner and screamed in pain over it. By the time she got done eating her tooth was gone so I guess she swallowed it. I have an apt for a normal 6 month visit to the dentist April 25th. She wasn't in pain anymore and there is no peice of the tooth so I opted to just wait to ask the dentist at her apt. However today she showed me that her tooth rite next to the one she knocked out is now loose and she cries anytime she touches it. Is this something to rush her to the dentist for or is it just a cowincidence and wait a few more weeks till she has her apt? I know NOTHING about teeth issues.

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So What Happened?

I did call the dentist. The receptionist gave me the whole well I can't diagnosis over the phone so I talked to a bunch of people and they said she should be fine till her apt. Now that she has a loose tooth next to it I just called the dentist but I can't get her in till Monday. We will see what happens. Thanks everyone for the tips!!!

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I know this comment is not helpful now, but in case it happens to anyone else reading, you should have taken her to an emergency dentist immediately instead of having dinner.

Yes, call the dentist NOW to see if the other tooth can be saved.

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Just be on the lookout for a little pimple/bump at the gumline. It's possible that both teeth were injured but the second one didn't show as obviously to start. If the root is injured, an abscess can develop and be very painful. Also, the tooth that came out may not have come out cleanly/in one piece, and there may be a fragment of root irritating the socket.

If you notice a bump or any swelling at the gumline, or she gets a fever get an urgent appointment. Otherwise, you're probably okay until your appointment.

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I'd call the dentist. Chances are he'll bump your appointment up and look at it now. She might just be scared of getting it hurt and anticipating the pain. OR it might be cracked deep inside. She might even need it pulled.

Good luck. Hopefully it's just anticipation and not an actual injury that will require intervention...

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I generally err on the side of caution so I would probably at least place a call, but unless the pain doesn't subside I imagine they'll still have you come when scheduled. Sorry about your little one!

My daughter lost one of her teeth before it was ready to come out, was more painful than just loosing a really loose tooth, but the pain only lasted a bit. It's taken her adult tooth much longer to come in than normal, and the socket healed, so the tooth had to rebreak through the skin, prepared for that.

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Ouch, poor child! If these are baby teeth, she'll probably be all right. This is near the time those teeth would be preparing to fall out. The roots will have started reabsorbing by now to make room for the permanent teeth. If she's having ANY ongoing discomfort, though, I would take her to the dentist to make sure everything came out cleanly.

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My son is 5 and already lost 2 teeth with a 3rd loose one. Typically the bottom 2 come out first, then top 2 then back to the bottom...but not always in that order. They say they usually come out in the order they came in. I wouldn't be too worried as long as it is a baby tooth. It was likley due to come out soon anyways. Doesn't hurt to check with the dentist (just call, no need to rush her there) given the first was knocked out but my guess is that its fine.


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Nothing to worry about, sounds like the teeth were ready to come out.



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Call the dentist and ask. He may need to do something to save the tooth.



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Honestly, I would have taken mine in right away if one was loose after a fall like that to the face/mouth. Or at the least, called the dentist office to see if they wanted to see them. Since damage can be done to the adult teeth is something is wrong with the baby tooth above it.

When my son fell and hit his chin (2 yrs old) he needed stitches in his chin - first of 6 to get them :( The ER staff also looked at his teeth and made sure none were loose. He also had his teeth looked at by the dentist a few days later... but I also don't want the kids to have issues with their teeth like I do because of neglect on the parents part.



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If these are baby teeth it should be OK -- however, I still would call the dentist and probably ask the dentist to see her now, not on the 25th, and check it out. She might have a fragment of tooth that you can't see or feel, and the dentist may want to pull that loose tooth to help her be more comfortable. You also need to find out what happens next as far as waiting for the permanent teeth to come in-- it could mean a few years with a gap where the missing baby teeth are. And you want to ensure that she doesn't have open sockets in the gum where food could be lodging -- that could create problems. It's worth it to be cautious. Likely there is nothing at all wrong but I'd always opt to have it checked out.

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