Knitting Wool Soakers for Nighttime Use

Updated on March 06, 2008
J.J. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
7 answers

We've used cloth diapers successfully with our son (now 21 mos) and he's ready for a bigger size wool soaker for nighttime use. They are pretty expensive and you need a few at a time, so my question is has anyone knitted one? I just recently learned to knit in-the-round on circular needles but have yet to use double-ended needles. Even a pattern for knitted shorts or leggings/pants might be revisable. Thank you!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Being the owner of a wahm cloth diapering company since 2002 you can bet my eyes widened with a glimmer. Congrats on 21 months in cd. It is so good to see that there are peopel in the know of how Good cding is.

I don't knit a stitch. But I have been friends with some of the original soaker wahms for a number of years. Stell at is definately a long time pattern maker, I believe both crochet and knitting soakers and more.
Marnie -- of The Curly Purly has a long time pattern that is a favorite among many of the cding communities.
Theresa of Little Turtle Knits has soaker patterns and I think they are on sale until the end of today.

Great hand painted organic wools can be found at, and I am trying to think of Hillary's company --

anyway. Lots of choices. Good Luck! If your nursing and/or are headed to the regional LLL in April -- please stop and say Hi and let me know where your from. I would love to meet more local moms. :)

April [email protected] I will be part of The Fluff Factory Wahms ( hosting a charity auction for St Jude's. Come see some awesome fluff! I am proud to say that this is more than 4 years I have been involved and still loving it.



answers from Philadelphia on

This website has several links for patterns.



answers from Philadelphia on

You can find many free patterns for soakers on the internet. Just do a search. There are many. You can also make them from old wool sweaters...there are also free patterns for this on the internet. Good luck!



answers from State College on

I don't knit (or even crochet), but wanted to give you kudos for not only CD'ing, but going w/ wool - awesome!! I have found several free soaker patterns online just by googling, so if you can follow a pattern like that, it's probably the best option. Another thought if you need help w/ a different type of knitting would be to ask your local craft store personnel - if they don't know how, they can often point you to someone who can. Local churches may also have like "knitting circles" or something you could join in.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi, I've been using cloth diapers with my son too. I purchased my wool covers (I can't knit) and they have been great. One word of advice...make sure you buy untreated (undyed) wool. I don't know where you will be able to find that, but it makes all the difference. The untreated wool is completely itch free, it feels like cotton. Treated wool is very itchy & uncomfortable.
Good luck with your project.



answers from Erie on

Hi! I've never knitted my own (dislike knitting), but good for you! Tip for finding good, inexpensive wool: i've read about people who go to their thrift shop and purchase a high-quality knit wool sweater for like $5-10. Make sure it's a good one; soft, not itchy. Disassemble the knitting and use the thread for your diapers. It's such a neat idea that i sometimes ponder trying knitting again. ;o)

Good luck!



answers from Scranton on

First off, great job using wool, mama!! It is the best thing for your baby! I crochet all my soakers for my baby. Anyway, THE best place to get info is the wool soaker group on Yahoo
The women on there will be able to point you to what you need. It is a very active group. Have fun!!

Just wanted to add a warning...making soakers for you child is *very* addicting. Just beware :)


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