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Updated on January 16, 2009
E.W. asks from Pearland, TX
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Hi All - was just wondering where is a good place to start if one wanted to learn how to knit. Looks like it would be fun (but difficult to a non-sewer and someone who is dangerous with a needle) - - - thanks for any info on this.

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I don't knit, but I crochet. You may want to look into that too. Personally I just don't get knitting, but crochet for me came easy. Instead of 2 needles crochet is just 1 hook. Knitting seems easier if you want to make clothes, but blankets seem to be easier by crochet.

That is just my 2 cents. There are plenty of web sites, and how to magazine. I would suggest to go to Joanne's or Michaels and see what you can find.

Here are some sites:

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I crochet. My Aunt taught me the basics and I watched a lot of YouTube video's of people crocheting to learn more.

Check out the best crochet YouTube instructions I have found. Basic and advanced stitches

Maybe you'll find some good knitting video's while you're there

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I learned from the I Taught Myself Knitting book (sold at Michaels, Joanns, and Walmart in a kit) and I liked the website, because it has videos that you can watch, and that helped me alot when I was stuck.

You can also check out local yarn shops because they usually hold classes. That way you learn in a group with an actual teacher that can correct anything from the beginning! Good luck. It's a lot of fun and very rewarding. I am completely self-taught (from the book and site) and have never sewn anything. They are very different skills!

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