Updated on March 14, 2008
A.P. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Does anyone have a good way/place to learn to knit? I would love a good book/video. I have 3 children at home so actually leaving the house without the 4mo old isn't going to happen. Any suggestions would be great.

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Hey A P -

I think you will love knitting ... I also know how to tat and crochet but I can knit without looking so I prefer it. There actually is a ton of information on the web in the form of instructional videos, etc.

Have fun, and usually, any place like a Michael's or a specialty yarn shop will help you if you get stuck. Simple instructional books are good too. Just remember, patience is needed ... some tissue for when you cry and maybe a wig for when you start pulling out your hair. (wink)

Have fun and make treasures forever,


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Do you have friends who knit? One idea is to get together a mom's night, bring the kids along, rotate homes and help each other out. There are lots of options with knitting stores, but having a real person show you how to "pick-up" a missed stitch can save a lot of time and frustration.
Maybe you could put a flyer up in a coffee shop offering some sort of barter arrangement, such as you'll watch their kids if they teach you to knit. Depending on resources, you may even be able to hire a high school student to come to your house, you'd pay by the hour, and you could work on a project. I know of a perfect kid who's away this semester but back in June. Especially in summer, high school kids are always looking for a source of income. And there are a lot of talented kids out there!



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I knit and crochet and many other things. I really like th elionbrand website for questions on how to do something. The pictures and wording work well with my abilities and it is easy to understand.



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If you could get to the library, I know they have some great books on knitting. I have copied serveral pages from the books to make things for my kids.

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