Updated on July 12, 2012
S.C. asks from Mitchell, SD
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I really want to learn how to knit! My Mom always knit and crocheted as I was growing up and tried to teach me but I wasnt interested, but, she lives in England and cant teach me now that I want to learn. Any tips on how to get started anyone?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much for the info! I am going to go to my local fabric store and hope they have a class, if not, definitely a few books to get started. I shouldnt be so surprised by how many of you all knit/crochet, but I am; in a good way!
Thanks again,

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answers from Madison on

I took a knitting class two years ago from MSCR. It was very fun and I'm thinking about taking it up again. You can go to their website-



answers from Salt Lake City on

Hi Shane,

Ok, so I don't know how to knit, but my friend Kamille just opened up a yarn shop in Gardner Village (in West Jordan). I don't know what city you live in, but it might be worth going there. She's stocked it with all sorts of fun and funky yarns, stuff that's hard to find other places. It's called "Kamille's, Where Friends Meet (or End Up)" or something like that. Anyway, she can probably give you some tips on knitting too! Good luck!


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answers from Omaha on

If I were close by I would teach yu=ou. You can pick up books "Learn to Knit" and most craft or yarn stores and most are quite easy to understand. I knit and crochet both and I find crocheting is easier because you only have one hook to deal with and when you are making a project crocheting goes faster than knitting. There are also "Learn to Crochet" books. If you know someone who could show you the basics that would be ideal..Sometime I have a hard time deciding what the diagram really want me to do but usuall figure it out by trial and error.Go to google and type in free knitting lessons and crochet lessons and you can get them right online and don't need to go buy any books.As for yarn, I prefer Red Heard. The colors are great and the yarn is stable and great to work with. I hope this helps a little. M.

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answers from Milwaukee on

The Bay View Community Center ( is offering a beginner's class on Jan. 14th and Jan. 21st (two sessions) from 6:30-9:00 p.m. for $19 and it includes your first needles, yarn for two headbands and a scarf. That's a steal!!!



answers from Kalamazoo on

There are plenty of knitting circles in Kalamazoo. If you don't have time for one there are sites that are helpful.



answers from Killeen on

YouTube has a lot of tutorials on getting started. Thats how I learned. I know this is a 5 year old questio. I was looking for someone in my neck of the woods to maybe hang out and do knitting or crochet together as i'm still learning the "lingo" of it all!



answers from Salt Lake City on

I bought a knitting kit from kmart or walmart that comes with the needles and a booklet to teach you how. it was really easy. it has instructions for both left and right handed people.



answers from Lansing on

My mom just taught all of us a couple years ago, it was fun! I feel bad your Mom is so far away:(, but they have great books at JoAnne Fabrics. I'm not sure if they have that store where you live?? They might also have a class, or check with your local parks and Rec.

This would be fun to do with your daughter:)



answers from Milwaukee on

Just go to a yarn shop, like in Delafield or Elm Grove and they usually have classes, or they will teach you themselves. Also, if you go to Joanne Fabrics, they have knitting kits with a book and you can teach yourself. My grandma taught me both, but I just couldn't get the knitting at the time (I was pretty young) but I did pick up the crocheting and I have been doing it ever since! Good luck :) CK



answers from St. Cloud on

Pick up the "Stitchin' Bitch" book at the library or bookstore. It really does a good job of teaching.

They also have classes at the yarn store. Just stop in there sometime. Even ask the owner about learning. The small one in town has a very nice older lady owner and she is VERY helpful!



answers from Des Moines on

I taught myself by using a booklet from Hobby Lobby. The book is meant for kids to learn, but it does such a good job describing it and showing pictures- it's perfect. I still use it as a reference when I forget how to do something. Once it shows you the basic stitches, it has projects that get progressively more difficult. I would also buy a set of straight needles, pick a yarn you want to work with, a crochet hook, and a needle meant to use yarn, have a pair of scissors and a bag for all you knitting. Have fun!



answers from Great Falls on

I crochet. Go to your local craft store and look for a book on knitting. I don't remember the name but it has step by step instructions on how to get started. They even sell them with a hook. I can't knit but crocheting was easy for me because I always watched my grandma crochet. It's great for keeping your hands busy. I eat less junk food while I'm working on a blanket. I sell them and make pretty good money. Good luck! Happy Holidays.



answers from Milwaukee on

I was like you only it was my grandmother who would knit and crochet but I was too young to be serious about learning until it was too late. I picked up a little book that showed how to do the basic stitches and just practiced until I could do it right. The biggest trick to doing a good job is keeping the tension on the yard even. They also have classes sometime at either the craft stores or through the school recreation departments. Michael's craft stores have a number of books on how to learn. Good luck.



answers from Grand Rapids on

I took a class at my local Michaels. I think it was $15 for the class and when you registered your receipt for the class gave you a discount on the materials that you needed to purchase for the class (knitting needles, yarn, sissors and a needle - if you don't already have them). I think it was like 10 or 20 percent off.



answers from Madison on

I'd start by checking to see if local yarn shops offer beginner's classes. You could also look for beginner's kits in craft stores, and even sometimes toy stores. My daughter received one as a gift that came with an instructional DVD. Also, most beginning knitter's books have a section in the front that explains how to cast on, bind off, read a pattern, and make all of the stitches specified in patterns. I think it's also helpful to have a reference book that explains how to correct mistakes. Even if you cannot correct the mistake and have to tear out your stitches, it's helpful to know *how* you made the mistake so you can work avoiding repeating it. And you will make some crazy mistakes at first! ;-)



answers from Janesville-Beloit on

Wal-mart has very easy how to books in their craft dept. and they are not that expensive. I learned as a girl but forgot how and took it back up a few years ago.



answers from Waterloo on

I would start by talking to your local librarian. Usually they will have some beginner books on knitting and crocheting, or know of a local class. Or maybe even someone local who'd be willing to teach you.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Salt Lake City has wonderful yarn and knitting shops. If you're close to downtown, go to the Black Sheep on South Temple. They have people there that will teach you and help you through every stitch. Michelle usually reserves time every day to help people.

They have all the tools and tons of yarn to make anything you want.

If downtown is out of the way, there's other really great shops all over that will help.

Read as much as you can. I learned to knit out of a book.

Also, if you have the DIY network on cable, watch Knitty Gritty. They help a lot.



answers from Appleton on

Hi S.....when I was growing up (eon's ago :)) I didn't learn to knit or crochet either and really regretted not learning but as an adult I decided, how hard can it be!!? You can go to your public library and find how to videos on just about anything so that's where I would start first. I bought a book (also probably at the library) that showed step by step each stitch you will ever use. Then just practice, practice, practice!!! Make someting super easy to start with, like a scarf and in no time you'll be knitting and crocheting like a pro. Also many community tech schools offer those types of courses, if you have a hankering to get out of the house for a couple of hours in the evening once a week. Hope this helps and enjoy those babies of yours for as long as you can.

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