Knee Injuries

Updated on January 07, 2009
M.F. asks from Carrollton, TX
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Two months ago I twisted my ankle at the gym and I got a knee injured,as I have lost my job 2 weeks before I didn't have money to see a doctor. After a month of the accident I finally saw a chiropractic, he said that maybe I had a strained ligament and my knee will be Ok in a couple weeks with therapy. A month later he said I have to see a orthopedist because the problem is more serious than he tought and he can't fix it. I didn't find a job yet so I can't afford it... If you know a non expensive doctor or somebody can recomend me something I will appreciate it!!

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So What Happened?

I went to an internist doctor, he said the problem is in the meniscus's insertion. He recomended medication for the inflamation and a cream, he will check my knee a month later and see if I need an MRI or another treatment.

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Go straight to the Orthopedic physician to get a conclusive answer of what is going on. Don't waste your money on other specialists if it has been this long. Plano Orthopedics & Dr. Randall Troop ###-###-#### are wonderful. I'm a Case Manager who has done a lot of work with them and he is a great combination of knowledgeable and a great guy. Grear Hurt, MD in Frisco is also wonderful. They have a Dallas office as well ###-###-####. Hope you get to feeling better!

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It is hard to say without having more information from you, to clear up exactly what it is that is wrong with your knee. For example - torn cartilage can cause lots of discomfort and does not repair itself; or perhaps you totally tore a ligament so your knee is not stable at all. If you don't find a doctor who can see you, I would suggest going to see a physical therapist who specializes in knees, although most of them can do any body part. Your chiropractic dr may even be able to refer you somewhere. They can give you some exercises to help strengthen your whole leg and stablize your knee. Sorry - I don't have a referral for you, but there are a lot of them out there.
Good luck.

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Seeing an orthopedist will be expensive because you most likely will need surgery and physical therapy. (That's what they do). I have a friend who had a "tear" and she is trying to heal it on her own with theraputic massage, rest, and anti-inflammatories. This is taking a year to rid the pain, and she's not back to running or anything strenuous. As we age these things take much longer to heal. You need to hook up with a Family Physician who can prescribe better anti-inflammatories, wear a knee brace, and start with physical therapy. Sorry that our society has made health care so expensive, but an FP is the most economical way to go to get sound advice. Good Luck!

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Most things like this go away on their own if you just rest them and take care of yourself. REST, and elevate. If it doesn't get better in two weeks, then fine, I was wrong, but I think you'll find if you ride it out and take care of yourself, it will get better.

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I'm sorry for your injury, that really sucks.

As for Dr's, I don't go cheap but I do know the best in the area is Plano Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. The Dr's there are all top notch and great. Check out the site and see if they have some sort of pay plan. The last thing you want is for a Dr. to go cheap on you and then you have longterm disability.

These Dr's are not ones to rush you into surgery. They typically give you a physical therapy program (MUCH of which you can do at home).

They are located on Plano Parkway between Preston and the tollway.

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