Knee High Toddler Socks

Updated on November 07, 2016
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Can you recommend some decent knee high toddler socks? Baby will be one soon and it's cold in NYC. I'd like knee highs because invariably his pant legs ride up in the car seat and stroller leaving his shins exposed. The carters and gerber ones I have seen online look like they are ankle length at best.

Thanks a bunch
F. B.

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answers from Portland on

I'm not sure if they are knee high - more like half way up shins but they worked here, and it's cold here.

Baby Gap:

Baby Old Navy (these are non skid)

We even found their regular rolled cuff socks could be unrolled, and worn as knee highs

They look like ankle socks, but that's cuffed three times so unroll them. Those were are main socks through the winter.

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answers from Detroit on

Hi F.,

Google is your friend. enjoy this toddler chapter, it goes so fast!

:-) S.

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answers from Norfolk on

We were never big on socks until our son was wearing shoes for outside (like he was about 2) - he was mostly barefoot until then.
Just throw a blanket or towel over him after he's buckled in.
They are easily washable.
Even now I always have a beach blanket sized towel in the car (and our son is all grown up now) - it just comes in handy for so many things.
It helps if you can warm the car up for a few minutes before everyone gets in, but if you can't do that, the car warms up fairly quickly and everyone's cozy without bundling up too much.

There are many covers/blanket/snuggler type products what work with strollers/car seats.
Take a look and see what will work for you:

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answers from San Diego on

I loved "Baby Legs" brand leg warmers
I used them all the time for my youngest. I wish I has known about them with my older 2!
I would use them as an extra layer if we were out and it was cold for exactly the same reason you mention. They were great at keeping her legs warm during diaper changes. They are great when they start crawling as well to keep their knees from getting too banged up. I always kept a pair or two in the diaper bag.
Target sells knee highs socks if you want to go that route. Look for socks that are called "bobby socks". They are designed to be folded down a couple times to make them ankle socks but you can simply leave them unfolded and long.

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answers from Santa Fe on

We used to live in Alaska and the warmest socks are smartwool. They make toddler sizes and kid sizes. The kids xsmall is a toddler 6-8.5. They make knee high socks. We would get a pair every now and then from REI bc they are expensive...but you don't need tons!



answers from Portland on

I've seen them in he past at Gymbore (? Spelling) and at Hanna's. You can order them online. MY daughter uses baby leg warmers under pants. They seem to be more versatile. When it's really cold, she uses tights under pants.

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