Kitten Peeing on the Bed

Updated on November 14, 2008
C.M. asks from Denver, CO
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My friend just got a kitten about a month ago, he is a boy kitten and about once a week he pees on her bed. She lives in a studio apartment so her couch is her bed, but the cat only will pee when the blanks are out. She has no other animals just the kitten. What can she do? is there any techniques you have used that worked on a kitten that was doing the same thing?

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answers from Denver on

all the other posts are right on...also try Dr.Elsey's cat attract and litter. I just mix them together. There's also a powder she can sprinkle on top of the litter pan. Really works. Youc an get it at the regular pet stores.



answers from Denver on

First of all you didn't say what the age of the kitten was---this is helpful in determining the cause.

And the simple answer to your friend's problem is a urinary tract infection. Inappropriate urination problems need to have a medical reason ruled in or out first. She would need to take him in for a urinalysis for that to be determined---it may be a drop off thing in the morning or afternoon and she should call her DVM to find out. It is much easier to do a 10-14 day course of antibiotics than to investigate and work out a behavioral issue.

Here is a link to an article about inappropriate elimination in cats---print it off or email it to your friend. Hopefully it could shed some light on this issue.

Best wishes.



answers from Boise on

For starters, get him neutered. Male cats spray thier territory. If you don't neuter them early enough, it never stops. Also, check the litter. I once had a cot that only liked to go in something soft. So I kept changing the litter till I found something soft enough. Or it could be a Urinary Tract Infection or something like that. Talk to th vet.



answers from Denver on

He needs to be neutered if he isn't already. Peeing is a behavior issue, either he is angry when she leaves OR he is marking his territory.
Have her make sure the litter box is clean too, my cats HATE it when it is dirty and have on occassion peed on my bathroom carpet if I didn't clean it well enough! Go figure.
Being neutered will help them the most stop the behavior.
There is stuff she can spray too, have her go to Petsmart.
It is an offensive smell to a cat, but I cannot smell it, it keeps them away from a particular area. If she sees him start to pee too, have a squirt bottle of water and spray him unless he is in his litter box, pick him up and set him in that.
Does he use the litter box for pooping?
My guess, he is bored, mad she is gone or marking his spot!
Good luck.

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