Kitten Hernia on Leg

Updated on November 02, 2008
N.O. asks from Rowlett, TX
5 answers

Hi Moms,

I need some advice asap!
I am very interested in getting a kitten today but the kitten has a hernia on his back side.
Does anyone know how serious that is? The owner says it may need surgery in the future if it gets worse but how do you know if it's getting worse? (If it gets bigger does that mean its getting worse??)
I am looking for some helpful info to help us make up our minds about getting the new kitty.
TIA for any helpful advice!!!

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answers from Dallas on

You would need to get an oppion by a vet. I have no idea what kind of a hernia this coud be, most common is abdobminal, but this does not sound like that. I would think surgery would be recomend sooner, rather than later.



answers from McAllen on

Hi N., I would take the kitty to a vet to get it checked out. It really doesn't sound right, animals can have umbilical hernias but I've never heard of one on backside. The cat needs to go to the vet either way. It sounds like the person selling it to you is just guessing and probably doesn't care.



answers from Dallas on

There are umbilical hernia's, inguinal hernia's, femoral hernia's, and many more out there. If it is on the back side but in the leg it could be femoral and would eventually need to be surgically repaired. My vet I used to work for would never be happy leaving a hernia unrepaired, just too risky, you never know when part of the intestines or other important body parts will protrude. I would only take the kitten if you are financially prepared for the hernia to be surgically repaired. Best case senario is the vet says you can wait until getting the kitty spayed/neutered and have the hernia repaired at the same time. If you are not prepared to have it repaired then don't get this kitty.



answers from Dallas on

If it were me I would consult a vet before getting the kitten.


answers from Dallas on

Hi N.,
In all my years in animal medicine I never seen one on a back. I'm sure it's possible but not common at all. Any kind of a hernia can get worse in time or can do nothing at all. Could have been caused by an accident (being stepped on?) It all kind of depends how big it is and the location. Only way to know for sure is have a vet take a look. You didn't say whether or not the kitten in a pure breed or if you are paying for it. If you are purchasing this kitten do so with caution and seek a check up with a vet of your choice before moving forward with payments of any kind.
Best Regards,

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