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Updated on November 22, 2010
M.D. asks from Washington, DC
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My parents are redoing their entire kitchen next month (gutting it and completely redoing it) so I'd like to get them kitchen type stuff for Christmas. I ordered my dad a stone from Pampered Chef, but that's it so far. What else is a good thing that most people don't have? My parents already have really good knives and cookware....thanks!

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answers from Saginaw on

A waffle maker
A fryer
A Kitchenaide mixer
Maybe Tupperware storage containers
Sometimes parents by that time need new utensils, My mom has a nice set of silicon utensils
Oh and JCPenneys has this super cute pancake pan that makes pancakes into smiley faces. My SIL just got one.

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answers from New York on

Towels / pot holders that will match thier new decor...
Trivet to match their new decor...
Mugs to match...



answers from Washington DC on

If their cookware is not the new annondized stuff, if they get a cook top, it might not work. My mom just redid her kitchen and the bonus for me was that I've gotten some awesome Calphalon pots out of the deal!



answers from Cumberland on

my two faves-flour sack towels and my immersion blender!



answers from Chicago on

I always love to get the hand soaps in different scents from Bath & Body Works. I also love new dish towels!



answers from Washington DC on

I LOVE this cookbook holder my brother gave us when we remodeled last year ( We use it every day when we cook and I'm always using it to convert tablespoons and teaspoons. It takes up only a small amount a space in our main prep area.


answers from Santa Fe on

They have awesome bamboo stuff now and it's so pretty - just go to a fancy kitchen store and look around! I've seen bamboo bowls, cutting boards, spoons, spatulas, salad spoons, sugar bowls.


answers from Washington DC on

just got an e-mail from they are having a special on Le Creuset stoneware, two pieces for $35.95, and they have the cutest colors available. I know you said they have cookware but these are awesome namebrand stoneware bakers. :)
goor luck finding gifts



answers from Dallas on

I would LOVE to get a cappicino/latte maker, but they cost a fortune. I think a really good one costs close to $1,000, but I'm sure there are cheaper versions. If you have a lot of siblings, maybe you can all go in on it together, that is, if your parents are cappicino/latte drinkers. Check out Bed Bath & Beyond and Crate & Barrell for good ones.


answers from Kalamazoo on

A pasta machine! We have one that you roll the dough thru to flatten it a few times and then roll it thru the final time to cut the dough into noodles (spaghetti or fettucini). I think it only cost like $30.



answers from Washington DC on

Kuerig Coffee Maker - I think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and my husband SWEARS by his NuWave Countertop convection oven. He uses it everynight, because it will cook your meal in about 30 min from frozen, it uses a fraction of the energy the oven and stove use, and doesn't heat up the kitchen like the oven does.



answers from Chicago on

People I know with juicers really enjoy them and get into making new concoctions. My MIL was crazy about our cookbook stand from Crate & Barrel (wooden base w/clear plastic cover to keep cookbook open and protect pages; about $25). We gave her one for Christmas last year and she said both my SIL thought it was great, too. We also love our panini press.



answers from New York on

What about some new things to match the decor of the new kitchen. The spoon holder thingy that holds all of your wooden spoons and spatulas - get it to match their appliances (white/stainless steel). The spoon holder thing that you put your spoons on while you are cooking so the mess doesn't get on the counter. Paper towel holder. All of that every day stuff that is a little more up to date then what they had.

You like how my brain isn't working today and I can't think of the names of anything? Sorry!


answers from Phoenix on

place mats and napkins to make the season pretty

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