Kitchen Table and Hot Foods

Updated on February 19, 2012
M.A. asks from Island Lake, IL
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When I put hot/warm foods on a paper plate and set on my kitchen table it is leaving a white mark on the table that then is very hard to get off. Anyone else ever experience this and what do I do to stop it? My table is wood and only about 5 yrs old.

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So What Happened?

Use to only use real plates then had kids...I used a mixture of olive oil and vinegar and table looks great. I will pick up some place mats this week. Thanks everyone!

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answers from Dallas on

I think pot holders or placemats are the only way to protect the table. The heat is probably messing with the finish on the wood.

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answers from Chicago on

My husband is a wood worker and he would cry if he read your post.
You are NEVER supposed to put hot or wet items on wood! You should always use coasters, trivets, pot holders or lined table clothes that are able to keep any heat or moisture away for the wooden surface.
You are ruining your table.

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answers from Chicago on

You either need to use a trivet, placemat, or a real plate

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answers from Austin on

Basically, what is happening, is much like a water ring from a glass. You know, when you put a glass on a wood table, you are often left with a white ring? That is why you should use coasters under your glasses, also.

When you put hot/warm foods on a paper plate, the moisture seeps through the paper and into the finish.

The best thing to do is use real plates or placemats or a tablecloth. That will also help absorb moisture.

The scrubbing you are doing is also removing the finish from the table. Use these suggestions to remove the white marks.

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answers from St. Louis on

Table cloth or stop using paper plates.

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answers from Chicago on

Use a hot plate the squares that come with oven mits, place it under your plate to keep the heat off of the wood.You can also buy thick placemat, to do the same thing. You will have to have your table refinished to fix the look of you table.


answers from Medford on

We just bought a new dark finish, wood table and I instantly made a bunch of placemats. My old oak table was no problem, and we never worried about hot stuff and scratches,, but now, a new table and im scared,,lol


answers from Dallas on

Even I use trivets and my table is cesearstone



answers from Los Angeles on

I always use trivets & hot plate pads.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Use a hand towel or buy some hot pads from Walmart. The heat is penetrating the wood surface and it is breaking down the finish. The paper plate gets hot from the food and it is not enough insulation to keep the heat off the table.



answers from Kansas City on

Someone did this to my newly refinished table at Christmas time. I ALWAYS use trivets, placemats or hot pads. Now I have a white spot that I can't get off. Just made me sick! My mom would have a fit if we didn't use coasters all the it is burned in me and I get after my kids all the time! Also....I can't believe the kids that put their shoes on my furniture. Another huge no no at our house growing up!



answers from Amarillo on

You should use real plates and placemats or hot plates. This allows the heat to pass without holding the heat and forcing it into the wood. Find some Old English wood finish to use on the table top to get rid of the ring. Guests can use paper plates but serve food on glass plates/bowls.

The other S.

PS I had this happen to me a very long time back and that is what I did to get rid of the ring.

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