Updated on November 02, 2007
A. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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First of all, I would like ot thank everyone that responded to my last request about getting a play kitchen for my son. I have convienced my husband that it would be alright so I think it is a go! Now I just have to decide which one. I have been looking at all of your suggestions and others as well. I am really thinking about getting the Little Tikes Cook 'n learn Interactive Kitchen and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this one in particular and how they liked/disliked it. Thanks again!

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answers from Reno on

Hi, A.,

I don't own this particular play kitchen, but I looked it up on the Little Tikes website and it sounds like a good deal.
My daughter has a different Little Tikes kitchen and has had it since she was 2. It's very durable, no problems, sturdy - and it survived a move of 1,792 miles from NJ to Pueblo no problem.

I love LT products because they are so sturdy. I say, go for it!



answers from Tucson on

it is SO awesome you wrote again, I was at the Wal Mart Supercenter (Valencia and I19), and they had this really cute kitchen with lots of black and gray for like $38! I know my son's kitchen has burners that make noise and a phone that rings. It is tan



answers from Phoenix on

thats the one i was talking about that i sw on tv. it looks like it has so many different activites not just kitchen ones and i know liitl tykes products are very durable and safe. dont have to worry about lead paint and stuff



answers from Phoenix on

I would look for a oven that can grow with the children. When my daughter was 1.5 i bought her a little stove she played with it so much that when she grew out of it we had to buy her a new bigger one. She is now almost six & still plays with it.



answers from Tucson on

I've seen the commercials for the Little Tikes cook and learn kitchen and I think that it looks great for teaching children different foods and colors. It is about $130 on the Little Tikes website and $100 at Walmart. 2 months ago I bought my 18 month old son a kitchen from Walmart....its called the 23 piece homestyle kitchen play was $38.73. It is nice, came with pots and pans and a few other things. It is pretty sturdy but came in a whole lot of pieces that had to be punched out, filed and put together. Took my husband about 2 hours to put together but well worth it....especially for the price. My son loves it. I think it probably just depends on your budget.....whichever route you go, I am sure your boys will love it.

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