Kindergartner Going Back to School Next Day of Low Grade Fever??

Updated on February 28, 2014
J.W. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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**** Thanks very much for your replies so far.... I was aware of the 24 hour policy, but since it is a low grade fever (99 by the time I went to school to pick her up), I was hoping an exception may be considered?? Also, I meant to give her tylenol even if she does not have a fever tomorrow morning as a precaution not to cover up her fever..... And based on the past experience with her low grade fever, it is more likely that she will not have a fever tomorrow morning.

Hello Moms,
Today I had to go pick up my kindergartner dauther in the late morning because her teacher found her to have a low grade fever (i.e. 100.3). Due to her compalint of tummy ache, I immediately took her to the doctor's office. Her tummy was just fine and the doc. said she is having a minor case of flu, no prescribed drugs necessary, just give her tylenol/advyl as needed. Based on the past history, she will be fine at school tomorrow if I have her take tylenol before she goes to school (even if she may still have a low grade fever tomorrow morning). My concern is: would the teacher send her back home, despite her non-sicky appearance/act, based on the fact that she had a fever the day before and especially if my daughter opens her big mouth saying mommy gave me a medicine this morning!! I had to leave my work early today, and I can't afford missing my work hours again tomorrow!! But if there is a high likelihood that I will be called back to school to pick her up, might as well saving gas money and driving time to work only to drive back to school then home....Appreciated hearing your experiences & advises!

Thanks very much in advance!

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answers from Washington DC on

wow, I'm a teacher and I can't believe you would just try to cover up a fever with tylenol so you can go to work. Most schools have a 24 hour policy. Your daughter will have to be 24 hours fever free and since she will not be 24 hours fever free when you take her to school in the morning, yes, they will send her back home right away. You are going to get all the other kids and her teacher sick because you don't want to follow the rules.

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answers from Reading on

100.3 is not low grade. In our school, it has to be under 100. Makes me sad that kids are sent to school when they're sick because it's inconvenient to keep them home - not just your post but the next one, too. Not only does it expose others to crud, so someone else will then have to miss work because your kid made their kid sick, but more than that, these kids should be able to rest and feel better in their own home with someone they love. Not sitting at a desk feeling lousy. I know you say you don't have a choice, and that's true for many, but it makes me sad, nevertheless.

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answers from Philadelphia on

She needs to be fever free for 24 hours. Therefore, she can not go to school tomorrow.

FYI...any temperature below 99.9 degrees is not considered a fever by our school or by my kid's pediatrician. So if her temp. Is 99.x degrees tomorrow, you can send her to school the following day.

For what it is worth...I never would have taken my kids to the doctor with these symptoms unless it was going on for a week or so. Kids get lots of little viruses and since the doctor can't doing anything about it, why expose them to more germs in a doctors office when their immune system is already fighting something. Honestly, my doctors office probably would have told me to wait and see how they were tomorrow before bring them in for something like this.

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answers from Tulsa on

Even if it was low grade, it was still a fever and even a minor case of the flu can be contagious. What is minor to her could be severe to another child with a weakened immune system. Do the responsible thing and keep her home until she is completely fever free WITHOUT Tylenol for 24 hours. Don't be the parent that ignores the rules that are there for the health and safety of everyone's children.

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answers from Jacksonville on

If the doctor actually said "flu" and he means it in the truest sense of the word I'd keep her home. A minor flu for one kid could turn into a major flu for another.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Sorry - its 24 hours fever free without tylenol before they can go back to school. I would not set the example for my child that it is ok to deceive the school.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I think she needs to stay home tomorrow. If you can't afford to miss work, perhaps a neighbor or someone else will watch her for the day. If you can't afford to pay, maybe you can offer some kind of help or service in return.

The teacher will probably be upset if she comes to school after being sent home today with a fever. I understand the fever isn't that high, but it'll still be less than 24 hours since it was over 100. If you need to give Tylenol as a precaution, that's another sign that she probably would do best from a day of rest and recovery.

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answers from New York on

Mom, the 24 hour fever free rule means fever free WITHOUT MEDS. Tyenol does not keep her from being contagious, which most kids are if they are running a fever. Children are not considered fever-free when their fever is being controlled by medication. She still has a fever. It sounds like you need to arrange some type of sick-care for your child, if you are not able to take sick days from work. Kids do get sick and miss school. It's not right for you to send a child who is still running a fever to school. Not right for her, and not right for the other students.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I get so annoyed by people who drug up their sick kids and send them back to school. She's sick. She had a fever and stomach stuff.

By the way, she has absolutely no symptoms of the flu, seriously, none. Flu has high fever, chills, achy muscles, congestion in lungs and sinuses, coughing, and more. A stomach ache is not the flu, a stomach virus is not the flu. Stomach stuff is NOT the flu. It's a side effect of having the flu and the body is trying to get rid of it but it's not a symptom of the flu. There is no stomach flu.

If your doc swabbed your daughter's nose and the test came back positive then she has the flu, flu kills people every day. If she has the flu she doesn't need to go back to school until next week. AND meds would be required to keep the flu virus from replicating and stops it from getting worse.

IF he didn't swab her nose to test for the flu virus but told you she had the flu anyway then he's a quack and you deserve better medical care.

Most states policy for temperature is 100.3. If her temp was over that then she should have come home. If it wasn't over than they she didn't have a temp or need to be sent home.

They have these policy's for good reason. Kids who are contagious should not be out around other people.

I had a friend die this week. From the flu so this is a sensitive topic for me.

IF your child has the flu and goes back to school she is likely to infect others with it. IF she has the flu and you take her to the store and she touches the cart, she is spreading her germs onto that cart for the next person to pick up. IF she touches anything she is passing her germs on.

If she does not have the flu, like I think, then she probably had a germ trying to grow and her body got warmer to fight it off and won. So she's fine but it takes about 24 hours to know for sure if the bug is gone or coming back stronger.

Please keep kids home and yourself home when you have any temp over 100. It's so easy to pass stuff to unsuspecting people.

Flu kills. It's not just a cold or a simple bug. Perhaps if someone had stayed home when they had their symptoms of the flu my friend would still be alive.

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answers from Los Angeles on

The standard is 24 hours fever free ( unmedicated). Your pediatrician will confirm this with you.

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answers from Detroit on

There are no exceptions to the fever rule.. if the rule is 100 + and the child goes home.. and cant come back for 24 hours that is the rule.

sorry about missing work but whenyou take your sick child to school all the other kids are exposed to her germs.

keep her home get a sitter if you have to go to work.

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answers from New York on

I would keep her home just to avoid being called back. Better to be safe than sorry.

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answers from Columbia on

She's contagious and the right thing to do is to keep her home.

I still haven't figured out why people seem to think that a lower fever means that a child is less contagious. You can have NO fever and be contagious.

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answers from Cleveland on

Sorry but give Tylenol as a precaution for what? Only thing I can think of is to cover up a fever that might have otherwise come up. That would mean she is sick! I also don't understand why you would go to a doctor for a low fever and tummy ache. We would never rush in like that... So on one hand this is so mild she can go to school, on the other it was so alarming you rushed her to a doctor?... I assume you made your decision by now and kept her home but I have never pushed my kids to go to school somewhat sick bc I have to go to work. I have arranged things to avoid that bc it's not fair to my young children or the other kids in class. You should try to line up some backup plan for next time. This will happen again.

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answers from Chicago on

If your child has been diagnosed with the flu, there is no way in heck she should be back at school until her symptoms have all resolved for at least 24 hours.

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answers from Washington DC on

I would give Veruca Salt a million flowers, if I could!

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