Kindergarten This Monday- What to Bring?

Updated on February 07, 2011
E.T. asks from Glenview, IL
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Hi Ladies,
My daughter's preschool has a Kindergarten class and she is moving up to the Kindergarten class tomorrow. She is very excited! Due to the number of kids turning age 5, the daycare school she attends did not originally have room to move her up. Those who did move up moved up about 6 weeks ago. This past Thursday, the Director made an exception to move her up (we've had a great conversation and talked about the reasons that an exception should be made and move our daughter up). The question is: Should I have our daughter bring treats to her new class? If yes, ideas please. I am asking this question because she is the NEW kid in the class and more than likely, friendships have already begun to form. She does know several of the kids in the class and does know the teacher quite well.
Of note, true kindergarten will begin this September.

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answers from Washington DC on

In my daughter's daycare they all got moved around 3 times a year. She would usually find some friends she knew from before in the new class. I don't think you need to bring treats and I don't think you have to worry about friendships being formed at this age. At age 5 my daughter's BFF changed daily to weekly. Just support her in her transition and she will be fine.

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answers from Dallas on

I probably would not do that without talking to the teacher first. Can you email her/him?

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answers from Chicago on

I think if you want to do a treat, you should take your daughter picture and make little cards with her name on it and she favorite color, book and movie. Then put your phone number and name so if any of the kids want to have a playdate with her, they can reach you. Plus, this let the other mom's know who the new kid is. Just an idea for something different.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

You need to get the Directors permission to bring treats. They may have allergies that prohibit what is served in this class and there are strict state child care regulations/guidelines about what foods can be brought by individuals. They have to be store bought for one, that way thay are not made in a non-health inspected home. Most schools are the same way now too. They have realized they don't know what kind of kitchens the home made stuff was made in and that they could be contaminated so they have pretty much stopped letting peoplle bring stuff.

The Directr or who ever answers the phone Monday morning can tell youif you can bring stuff and you can stop at the store on the way, or get a variety of stuff today and then pick from it after calling in the mornig.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

No, I wouldn't bring treats to the class. However, I would write a Thank You note to the Director and possibly the teacher. That is nice that they made an exception. Treats are not neccesary.

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answers from Washington DC on

I wouldn't. The first day is going to be so overwhelming as it is. Plus you don't know if there are any food allergies. I would send something in next week for Valentine's.


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If the other kids just moved up 6 weeks ago, she's not really "new" so much as catching up. I wouldn't worry about it. At this age, they can be pretty fluid about making friends. I think just send her on the first day without treats or anything.



answers from Chicago on

NO! Do not bring treats. As an educator, this is disruptive and as someone else mentioned, you may need permission.
She will be the "treat" in class as it is because she is the new "toy." She will probably get alot of attention from the other kids because she is new.

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