Kindergarten Registration - What Do I Do If We Haven't Moved into District Yet?

Updated on February 03, 2012
C.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi Moms! I am the mother of a five year old who will be starting kindergarten this fall. We are planning to move to a new city (from Chicago to a nearby suburb) this summer. The school we want our child to attend is having kindergarten registration in February and screenings in May. We won't have an address in the district before June or July, so what do we do? Do they screen on appointment only for kids that can't make the official screening dates? Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question, but this is my first child so I have no idea how this works! :) I doubt the school will let me register next month because they are requiring proof of residency. If you have any information to share on how this all works, I would greatly appreciate it!

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Call the school and ask how it works. Many people move mid year anyways and need to change schools, so this should be a fairly common issue for them. I don't understand the screening thing, is this like a charter or private school where they only accept certain kids by a timeframe?

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answers from Chicago on

Registering in February is not required. You can also register once the school office opens in the beginning of August. Screenings aren't really necessary unless you think your child might need some special services. If that's the case, call the school and ask about it. You could always have her screened at your current district and just transfer the paperwork. We lived in our district already, but I missed the February registration and signed our daughter up in August. It wasn't a problem. The schools just like to know how many teachers they will need. You could go ahead and call to give them a head's up; it will help them determine their class sizes.



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Our school won't screen them until you have 2 pieces of official mail showing residency. You would call them and make an appointment and they would register and screen you at that point. they just urge parents to call and make the appointment as soon as they can so they can make appropriate staffing arrangements (when my daughter started kindergarten they had to get a new teacher at the last minute because 28 kindergartners registered the week before school started).



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Call them and talk to them. Ask them what they require. I'm sure they will tell you what you need to do/get ready. People move all the time and sometimes the deadlines are long past before a family arrives.

You might also ask your current school if they do evaluations and then transfer those findings to the new district after you move.



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I'm not sure either what you would be screening for, but registration should not be an issue at all when you move and have that proof of residency. Our district does require the shots, residency, etc to have registration completed, but as another poster said, you can register up until school begins. In addition to meeting staffing needs, a formal registration session allows parents the opportunity to take their children and show them around the school. It's not always feasible on a given day. I have parents run the registration, with two at a time so one parent can help with documentation and another can show the school to our new families. If you can attend and just take the packet home with you, it could be exciting for both of you. =0)



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I had a similar situation last year with my son. We moved in July from California to Maryland. I called the district in MD around this time last year with the same concern. They assured me that I could register anytime before the first day of school (actually even ON the first day of school) and there would be a spot for him. They do registration early because it helps them have a count for staffing and planning. They understand that people move during the summer, and they are prepared to deal with that.

When we got here in July summer, I went to the school and registered him. He started the first day of school right along with all the kids who had registered in March.

Good luck. I'm sure it's fine. Give the district a call if you're worried.



answers from Washington DC on

You have to wait until you have a deed or lease saying that you live in the district.
THey should screen her this summer, schools do it all the time. But if not kindergarten is not when they start tracking kids, usually that starts in 3rd.

So if she goes in and can read and add the teacher will figure that out very soon. And if she goes in and can't recognize 15 of her letters, the teacher will figure that out pretty quickly too.

Do make sure her shots are up to date and you have a copy of her birth certificate, a piece of mail to you at the new address, most schools ask for some phone/utility bill. I have used housing notices, bills, deeds, leases. My new DL worked here in VA.
You'll need her social but not the actual card.
Have an emergency person, I usually use neighbors. I have used people I have only known for two days.

They will send you bus information close to the first day of school.
They should have orientation the week before school starts too.
Don't stress too much, pick a day in late July, early August and go register her.


answers from Chicago on

I would call the district and ask them if it is acceptable for you to show them a copy of your signed lease, or anything else that can prove that you WILL be in district before the school year begins.

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