Kindergarten Nutritional Snacks

Updated on September 06, 2009
J.L. asks from Macomb, MI
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I am looking for suggestions for nutritional snacks to send with my Kindergartener. Looking for a variety to keep her interested.

Thanks ~ J.

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So What Happened?

Hello~ Thank you for responding with all of your nutritional snack ideas. I have a good selection to keep her interested as long as she eats her snack. Yesterday she came home with it.

Thanks again 8-)

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answers from Detroit on

Almond Butter is a gr8 sub for PButter. Costco & Trader Joe sells them, Orange wedges, Rice Cakes, Almonds, Sun Chips, Carrots, Banana Chips.

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answers from Saginaw on

Hey J.! My daughter loves fruit, you can send her with cut up apples (a little lemon juice makes them not brown), bananas, peaches etc. canned (in fruit juice) or fresh makes a great snack. I also give my daughter raisins or fruit snacks (we only buy organic). She loves graham crackers with peanut butter which is a great treat too!

Banana bread or home made cookies or muffins are wonderful snacks too. I make all of ours from scratch so I know they have little sugar.



answers from Detroit on

Cut up meat and cheese, cheese sticks, cereal, granola bars, 1/2 a pb&j sandwich (if there are no pb allergies), the cheese crackers you can buy, graham crackers, yogurt. I hope this helps a little.



answers from Lansing on

We did grapes, pretzels, cheese and Cheerios, apple wedges, small packs of Cheez It's or Chex Mix.



answers from Grand Rapids on

hmmm, graham crackers? hard boiled egg, all ready pealed? carrot sticks? celery sticks wth peanut butter on them, i would make the peanut butter on them and put peanut butter sides togeter than in the litlle baggie,what about popcorn? cheese ? yougurt ? granola bar ? or breakfast bar ? or fruit roll ups, ? muffins? oranges? apples ? bananas? watermelon? musk melon cut up into bite size peices? a nice buttery roll or croisant? what about veggies with a dip of ranch ? it may be hard to carry , but its out there, ahaahah just enjoy life and have a wonderful day ! D. s



answers from Detroit on

I saw a cute spread in a parent magazine with different varieties of make-your-own trail mix. Try a variety of cereals, dried fruits, m&ms/chocolate chips, nuts, crackers, etc. Have your daughter help measure and mix as a little project for the week. My son is allergic to nuts so we have tried a few other things and it is fun for them to make...and eat!



answers from Detroit on

Hi J., I have 5 little ones and each child is different. But one thing I have found to be true when I work in my kids classroom. What ever snack the teacher has in reserves is always cooler than the snack I send them (even if it is the same thing) First check you teacher's list of approved snacks. Someone in your child's class my have a serious allergy to peanut butter. You can never go wrong with fruit and veggies. Most teacher's won't allow anything that will make the floor sticky (juices, milk, yogurt but check with the teacher). All in all you have the right idea with the variety-what your child likes-just mix it up that way they won't know what to expect. Crackers (kids in my son's class loved cheeze its), pretzels, flavored bread like the previous mom suggested. Cheese and Meat cubes. popcorn. Dry Cereal.



answers from Detroit on

Bananas! Grapes, apples, Cheerios, NutriGrain Bars. Good for you for taking a healthy approach to your childs snacks.



answers from Detroit on

Hi J.,

You have some great suggestions but one I don't see is Goldfish crackers. You might want to check with your child's teacher first, though. When my kids wer kinders the teachers had each student on a rotating list of who was to bring snack for the whole class and when. That way everyone has the same thing and there is no trading snacks or jelousy over someone having what someone else has.


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