Kids' Clothes on Craigslist

Updated on October 29, 2010
A.C. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
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I keep seeing people selling kids's clothes on Craigslist. The description usuallly says something like...
"12 month old boy's clothes. $25 for the lot."
I was thinking of maybe trying to sell my kids' clothes on Craigslist (I have sold big things, but not clothes).
Does anyone know how that works? Does that mean people have to buy the whole "pile" of clothes for $25? Has anyone ever done that and had success with it? Surely people wouldn't drive all the way to your house just to buy one outfit.

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answers from Chicago on

I personally don't like craigslist, too many scammers........i recently found a website similar to craigslist called, it is great & I have sold lots of items .........everyone has come to my home for the items i have sold, they were bigger items placed in the garage.

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answers from Dallas on

sometimes they buy 1 or 2 pieces but is a lot better if you put everything ina box and price the box
my neighbor do that buy a large boxes of clothes in craiglist for 25.00



answers from Erie on

maybe some one else can provide a solution to this, I recently posted and sold a large toy on Craigslist and got over 70 spam emails offering me trades and tips on how to make lots of money overseas. I know you said you had sold on craigslist before but just wanted to make people aware of the spam and scams.

and please have someone with you and met in a public place. safety first.



answers from Grand Forks on

omg - i LOVE craigslist. that's where i get most of my boy's clothes & toys & baby gear (pack n play, bouncer seat, etc).
the last thing i tried to buy (try b/c she never wrote/called me back), but it was $50 for a big slew of clothes for my son and i could see they were pretty good shape and cute. i've never sold stuff b/c i don't wanna deal w/it, but like i said, i go there first anytime i need something! :)



answers from Las Vegas on

I recently sold a Halloween costume. I took a picture and gave it a description. My caller was in another city which I was going to travel to, so we met in a parking lot. No problems.



answers from Lansing on

You can sell them by the lot like that or take individual picks and charge per item. Or say "several clothes: sleepers $2 each, onesies .25 each, etc...

The best way to get your money out of clothes is through Ebay. You can still sell them as lots on there or individually, but you'll get more out of them.


answers from Chicago on

when I bought it was ALL for blank price and she wa actually out of state so it was I think $30 included shipping and I used MOST of what was in the box.



answers from Anchorage on

I have never tried, I always donate my kids stuff to the homeless shelter for families and the domestic violence safe houses in our area, that way I know they are being used by someone who really really needs them.


answers from Minneapolis on

I did this recently with Preemie girl clothes for my Sister in law. My niece was born 10 weeks early and only weighed 2 lbs, 1 oz. I knew she would need clothes eventually (they have them in diaper only for several weeks in the NICU), and I was trying to be helpful, so started shopping locally and looked on Craigslist as well. I had never bought much on craigslist...bigger things (costly) like cell phones and such.

I saw an ad, replied and such, but she had 4 separate preemie outfits for a dollar each. I took all of them and she met me close by (it was on her way to a church event, so worked for both of us..sorta weird handing over $4 in parking lot..LOL). But then I placed my own of those. A gal replied and she had a "lot" of preemie girl things for $20..another great deal..she sent me pics and I zoomed in and they looked great (I was looking for formula stains, etc). Turned out she lived a few blocks from a relative of mine who I would be seeing that weekend at this SIL's baby shower (but about an hour from my own home). So arrangements were made for my relative to pay for and pick up the items.

They were fantastic! 2 still had tags..she put them in a baby gift bag she had (used) with tissue and all. We had emailed several times and she knew I would be seeing my SIL at the shower and giving them to her then (not as a gift, but she washed and presented them this way for me) nice! They were immaculate clothes and cheap for me to help my SIL and tiny niece has a killer wardrobe now! LOL experience so far has all been positive, albeit limited.....and I like the "lot" idea much better. If the price is decent, you can toss or donate the few things that won't fit or be your taste, etc.

Good luck!


answers from Detroit on

Yes, you buy the whole pile.

I have been selling clothing on craigslist for years (as with mom to mom sales.) I LOVE IT, and it’s FREE!! You create a account/profile and follow the steps to set up a page. I sell my clothing by the item, some moms would like to sell/purchase by "lots" and make offers. I do not ship, just local. You sometimes have dealers come by and they buy everything for their shops. I have had great success, sold almost all my kids clothing. Here is my link to show you how I have my page setup.


answers from Asheville on

I have purchased clothes this way. I bought a large 30 gallon bag full of 12 months summer girls clothes and shoes. She had taken pics of the clothes laid out and overlapping each other. I have twins so I try to find really good bargans. We used most of the clothes and all of the shoes. I was going to be in her city in a few days and we met. (larger city- Knoxville)

I have tried to sell my girls clothes on Craigslist also. We live in a small town about an hour from three larger places (Knoxville and Tri cities area of TN and Asheville, NC) I had a couple responses but no sales. I ended up taking them all to a Kid to Kid store near my mothers in Cumming Ga last August. (It's a small chain of resale stores. They give you store credit, cash or a combination of both if you tell them before they go through everything.)

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