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Updated on December 12, 2011
A.F. asks from Albany, CA
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We will be having our third this June. My youngest will be almost 2 1/2 by then and will be sharing the room with her little brother or sister. I have no idea how to oranize the room, to take better advantage of the space. There is one closet, right now the changing table is in there acting as a shelf. It will need to come out, but I would like to get a shelf or small chest of drawers to take it. We have a chest of drawers in the room, a rocker recliner (that will likely need to come out), the baby bed, a small shelf and her toys. We will be getting our daughter a bed and moving the baby into the baby bed. I have some baskets that I use for diapers, hairbows, etc... but I need to make room for baby stuff. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make this easier? Thanks.

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answers from Denver on

You might have to re think other spaces in your house. In order to have room for everyone and their clothes, we have a dresser full of kid clothes in our room, and toy bins in our living room. Congrats on your new addition!

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answers from Chicago on

We kept a chest of drawers in the closet for years. It had a two fold purpose. Saved on space in the room but also kept our little ones out of the drawers of clothes lol. hang up stuff at that age could still easily hand above the dresser. As far as making them both fit. I would keep the side way up on the crib and those baskets of toys can easily sit under the crib. especially while the mattress is a little bit higher. What kind of bed are you getting for big sister? a regular twin or a bunk bed or trundle type. I would go with either the twin or the bunkbed. mine loved bunkbeds. at two and a half she is old enough for the bottom bunk. don't even put the top together until baby is about 3 and then big sis can go into top bunk and little one on the bottom. the space under the bed is great for storage of things like barbies and lego's etc. we always hand a big shoe bag on the back of the bedroom door. it holds everything you would need on the changing table without taking up space and you can put stuff up high you don't want the little ones in. they make them now with clear pockets so you can see at a glance whatever your looking for. later on these are great for storing doll clothes, matchbox cars, art stuff , electonic gadgets that go with video games etc

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answers from Washington DC on

Wall space. Toys can be hung in toy hammocks in corners, or you can use hanging shelves in the closet to help with toys, clothes, diapers, etc. If you put shelves on the wall or cubby bins, you can get cute baskets to hide spare diapers, toys, misc. items. To save floor space, every closet in our home has a dresser in it so we can fit the beds, etc. Put a second rod in the closet to layer the space (baby clothes are short). Use under the bed storage bins for toys or shoes or other small things. Slide them under the toddler bed and crib and use bed skirts to hide it.



answers from Minneapolis on

we have our 6 yr old and 1 year old sharing, our six year old sleeps in a loft bed with drawer underneath so her bed is also her dresser, then we have a 6 drawer dresser for the babies things, they both sleep in twin beds (babies is on the floor) and at the end of the twin bed on the floor is a pack n play for daytimes naps (containment ) :) We have the closet set up with two levels of hangers since the kids are young and clothes are short, so we have two shelves to store thing in boxes on.


answers from St. Louis on

Not knowing the genders of the children I was wondering why the two oldest aren't sharing a room. I wouldn't make anything you want to have a good night sleep share a room with a small baby.

The easiest thing to do is not sweat it until it gets closer. Even with measuring and such I really had no idea how furniture would fit in a room until I actually put it in the room. You could plan this all out only to find it doesn't work.


answers from St. Louis on

My son and daughter share a very small room and closet. Here is how it works for us. My son was in a crib (now a toddler bed) with an attached changing table. That changing table is now more of a shelf, but we keep it atttached (because it has to be that way) and also because it's attached to three drawers. The top two drawers are my son's pants (or shorts in the summer) and socks. Bottom drawer is for toys. Under his bed are a few toys (trucks, larger books). My daughter has a twin bed across from his bed and under that is a box of books for night time reading, and two under the bed containers which have their pajamas in them. Each of them has a shelf that I hang outfits (hers for preschool) or jackets for him on. In their very small closet - I use those hangers that you can hang five - six shirts on. We have two small three drawer plastic containers in there, too. In one if my daughters under/socks/tights, next is her shirts (overflow from hanging up) and bottom is skirts/leggings/pants/jeans. In the three my son uses are misc shirts that are overflow from hanging up. On top of those is a bin with my daughters tutus and stuff for dance and then my sons' diapers on the other side.

99.999% of their toys are in the living room (storage in ottoman) and basement (playroom). It's cramped but it works!

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