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Updated on October 06, 2008
K.P. asks from Iowa City, IA
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My office is having a Halloween party and my coworkers keep pressuring me to bring my kids in. I really don't want to do that because when I have brought them in the past, they ask inappropriate questions to my 4 year old about "Oh, is that your daddy?" (My oldest is clearly and obviously from my previous marriage and not my current husband's daughter (My husband is hispanic and my daughter is blonde.) They also asked me why me two daughters look so different, (my youngest is from my current marriage and has brown hair and brown eyes.) I was so annoyed by these questions and especially since it was around my daughters that I want to avoid involving them in this kind of situation again. This office that I work in is a gossip mill and I don't want to seem unfriendly, but those questions were very nosy and not from people I talk to often. Does anyone have any advice on this matter?

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answers from Minneapolis on

Wow that is quite rude about your coworkers. I would make it clear to them your busy and can't attend and leave it at that.



answers from St. Cloud on

We, as the parents, are there to protect our children.

DO NOT bring your kids into any situation that you feel uncomfortable about. In fact, your kids would benefit more if you and your husband just stayed home and played games with them!!! We've noticed that our children thrive off those kinds of days/ nights more than when we attend a bunch of outings......

If you can, maybe you should try to look for a job somewhere else too.............................



answers from Minneapolis on

Wow. Aren't people lovely??

I would not, in a million years, bring my kids around those bozos. Tell your coworkers that your kids can't make it, and leave it at that. It's really none of their business.



answers from Wausau on

Wow! There lack of common sense is overwhelming! I don't think i'd bring the kids in if you aren't close to these people. I have brought my kids in to a school i subbed at but i considered those teachers my friends (and they certainly wouldn't ask such foolish questions of anyone!). I'm sure there are things going on in your community where you and the family would have more fun. I'd say, "Sorry, we've made other plans." If these ignorant and nosy questions arise in the future I think there are a few ways to deal with them(depending on how you feel that day:P): If the question is directed towards you I would stare blankly at them and not say anything until they became really uncomfortable, say "That's the funny thing about families...each is unique.", or "Wow! What an inappropriate question"...then turn and walk away.
Have fun with the kids:)



answers from Minneapolis on

I'd problably bring my kids and avoid bringing my kids to those people. People make mistakes and so I'm all for giving another chance. I usually do the three strikes your out.

I agree that the comment was inappropriate of them but maybe they truly didn't know which could happen or they are just jerks.

I think I'd just walk away from someone if they asked something rude like that but in order to nip it in the bud seeing they've already done it once it's problably best to be bold and say something to them. You could say that in your opinion that comment/question is inappropriate and/or offensive or something to that effect and walk away and avoid them. Maybe you could avoid those particular people.

Good luck on your choice to bring your kids or not.



answers from Minneapolis on

Bring your kids in! Don't let co-workers play mind games. If you don't act embarrased, they'll eventually give up and get bored with the foolishness.

If they ask questions you don't think are appropriate for your kids, say "Do you have something you want to ask "me"?" As for the questions about blond versus brunette...tell them just because your husband is not white, does not mean your children can not turn out looking one way versus another.

These people are stupid and need to take biology 101 over again. In our family, my husband and I are not ethnically the same, and our children's looks range from looking white to other!!

I know people who are very dark, who have natural born blond and blue-eyed children.

Bottom-line, make these people feel stupid if they go there...afterall they are stupid...for going there.

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