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Updated on September 08, 2007
D.G. asks from Abingdon, MD
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Hi, I saw a post awhile back abt a playground/gym in the Abingdon/Bel Air area. Can someone tell me what the name is? She said it was 10 weeks for $110 - or something close to that. I am not looking for My Gym --- it is a different one.


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Hi D.,
I take my 19 month old daughter to Fundamentals in Bel Air, accross from the Festival in Bel Air. It is wonderful and my daughter absolutely loves it. You can sign up for different classes that they offer for different age groups. My daughter is in the Wiggle Worms class on Tuesdays from 10:30 - 11:15. The classes meet once a week for 6 weeks, 45 minutes each class. They also offer 3 days a week called drop in play for those who are enrolled in the classes. Drop in play is for an hour a day 3 days a week. So essentially you could take your child there 4 times a week for the one price you pay for the classes. They have a website at It will tell you more. Hope this helps and would love to see you there!




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Sorry the only one I know about is My Gym in the Amyclae shopping center on Agora Drive. I take my little guy there and it is great- Just in case you change your mind. Jamie is the "teacher" there and she is so good w / the kids.



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It may have been "Fundamentals". They are located on 924 and Belair Pkwy (behind Kohls area). They have a website (?? I actually went there with my daughter a couple years ago and really liked it. There is also one called Terrific Tots in Abingdon (
I hope this helps.




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It is terrific tots cost $123 for 11 weeks, starts this week. Here is the website

good luck

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