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Updated on February 17, 2011
B. asks from Evans, GA
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So today I am going to have my daughter go through her clothes when she gets home from school.
How much of each type of clothing does a 9 yr old girl need.She does not wear a uniform to school.
long sleeved shirts
running/athletic/ sweat pant type pants
She's a rough and tumble kid that takes dance as well as outdoor type stuff, not afraid to get dirty.
And when your kids get new clothes to you toss out old clothes even if they still fit.
She's on the small side so she doesn't always grow out of her clothes before she gets new ( gifts, or before school shopping) .

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answers from Savannah on

No, why would you toss clothes if they still fit? That's weird to me. She could get money or some other king of gift instead of clothes, if there's an occasion where she's receiving gifts....older clothes could be the kind allocated to "playing". My boys' nicer clothes are for church, clubs, preschool, going out and about. Their more "used" clothes are for lounging, playing, "helping" with yardwork or chores. At the very least, the old clothes could be donated.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi B.,

Well, my daughters clothes have less to do with her and more to do with making it easy for me!!!!! She is 10 and in 5th grade.
Mainly I want to make sure that she has enough that I don't have to stress myself out about making sure that I do laundry on any sort of schedule (single mom / grad sstudent / work full time - so my current schedule is.... I get to it when I get to it!!!!)

I make sure she has at least 10 "outfits" AT ALL TIME that she can wear to school. That is any combination of pants/leggings/skirts etc. No uniform at school either, just a 'dress for success' dress code policy.
Sometimes the "outfits" include 2 shirts (if it's layering) and she has 1 legging/denim skirt combo outfit.

She has 5 pairs of jeans (2 blue, 1 black, 1 gray, 1 colored blue - almost a turquoise) / 2 pairs of "jeggings" (1 black / 1 gray) / 1 denim skirt / 3 pairs of leggings (some she cross-wears as 'lounge-wear' and 1 she wears under her denim skirt until it's warmer). She also has 2 dresses that she wears to school over the leggings.
She has more tops than pants - I would say she has 20 tops. Again, some are long sleeved that go under the others. She also has some tank tops that go under for layers. I just make sure it's all hung as an 'outfit' in her closet.
She also has 1 fake fur vest (from Justice) that she can wear with 2 or 3 of the outfits.
She has 2 winter coats - one for the below 20 degree days (through the negative 20 below zero days!!!!!) and one for the 20-50 degree days.
She has one lightweight raincoat-ish type jacket.

Some of the athletic sets for Girls on the Run are sweatpant/sweatshirt combos so she can also wear those as layering pieces with other outfits, because I might not wash the sweatshirt each time she wears it - if she wears it just to dinner or whatever.

Additionally she has 10 pairs of 'jammies' or 'loungewear - sweats/t-shirt combinations'.

She participates in Girls on the Run - which is 2x a week after school, so she has an additional 5 "outfits" that she wears just for that. They wear track outfits - sweatpant/short and t-shirt or sweatshirt.

She has 1 'special occasion' dress that she got for New Year's eve last year. She typically gets one of those when the current one doesn't fit anymore.

We go through her closet once every couple month and figure out what doesn't fit / doesn't get worn and we donate that to good will. I don't replace items if she just isn't wearing it. But I will replace items if they are not in good shape and/or no longer fit.
If she gets clothes as a gift we don't have a strict 'one in / one out' policy.... but I do have a 'it can't be on a heap in room' policy, so we just sorta see how it goes.

This is the first year we didn't go "school shopping" last fall because she could still wear stuff from the year before (we just added long sleeve shirts to go under the short sleeve shirts she had been wearing in the summer). We did have to replace all her jeans around Christmas as she had outgrown the ones she started the school year with.
I'll probably have to do a full summer shopping this year with shorts/capris and new tees :-(

She has 3 pairs of 'converse-type' sneakers (black, pink & yellow) / 2 pairs of "flats" / 1 pair of fashion boots (elfen style) and 1 pair of snow/winter boots (ugg-type).
She will ask for expensive sneakers for gifts, which I have done and then she has extra pair.

She has 5 swimsuits (she goes to summer camp while I work and they swim every single day).
She also one pair of track shoes for Girls on the run.

That may be WAY more info than you asked for, but hope that helps. Not sure how I compare to others. it always seems like she has WAY LESS than other kids and when I pick her up I see all these girls in reall cute outfits that aren't worn at the knee like my daughters stuff is..... but now that I've typed this out I'm sorta appalled at how much she has!!!!!!!!!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Jeans / other pants 7
T-shirts 10
leggings, 2
long sleeved shirts 5
skirts 2-4
shorts, 4-6
running/athletic/ sweat pant type pants 5 (These double great as pajamas I bought 5 pair for my daughter and a 5 pack of hanes t-shirts for bed then she can wear them for lounging or bed.)
just my opinion

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answers from Atlanta on

I never get rid of clothes until they are too small, but I do only put out one season of clothing at a time. When the drawer for that season's too full, I take out 1/3 and box it for her closet based on what she says she doesn't really like at that moment (and that sure changes fast:). When I need it, I have it, and if she outgrows it inbetween, or just isn't going to wear it, I donate it.

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