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Updated on June 02, 2013
T.C. asks from Deep Gap, NC
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We have two girls ages 6 and 4. We just found out that we are having a boy and are super excited. Now, the dilemma is how do I decorate the kids bathroom in colors or a pattern/ theme that is neutral for boy and girls with that age range? any ideas would b great...thanks

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answers from Sacramento on

I would go with a theme like garden or beach or fish or ??? I would stay away from characters. Kids get bored of them too quickly.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I think that in the 3-4 years from now that they'll be sharing that bathroom they'll get very tired of the decor. So if you must decorate it now this is the perfect time to do it all girly. Then when the boy is old enough to use it you can redo it in something like a beach decor.

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answers from Columbia on

We don't decorate our bathrooms in kid themes. Neutral colors and designs never go out of style. IMHO, "kid" bathrooms look tacky. I wouldn't waste my money.

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answers from Kansas City on

Lol! Bathrooms need a theme?
How about "fun" and "young" gender neutral colors like lime, sages, purples, sky blues, or even red, white & blue?

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answers from Philadelphia on

Well you could go with stripes which are gender neutral. Since my kids bathroom is also the upstairs hall bath I decorated to my taste. Beige/brown walls, dark brown shower curtain with some aqua stitched flowers, stiped browns and aqua area rug. I really don't like it when kids bathrooms are decorated with ducks or other kid themes. Besides kids grow up so quickly, I think you are better off with something more sophisticated.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I do find the answers to this interesting. I grew up sharing a bathroom with my older brothers. It was never themed. It wasn't even decorated, really. It was like the rest of the rooms in the house---clean, tidy, with neutral wallpaper/paint and fixtures.
My kids (a boy and a girl) have always shared the hall bath, much like my brothers and I did. And "their" bathroom has also never been "themed." It has always had a neutral palette of some sort. Gray walls, teal/gray tiled floor, chrome fixtures/shelves. No characters for kids of any kind. Well.. their toothbrushes maybe.

Now that they aren't tiny kids anymore (11 & 14) they STILL don't have a themed bathroom in the sense you are talking about. It is "beach" only because the shower curtain has palm trees and a hammock on it. But the rest of the bathroom is more neutral: bamboo rugs, gold/creme walls, chrome fixtures, limestone floor. No characters. Just creme/gold/bamboo/green accents and colors.

I had never even SEEN a girl/boy bathroom, until I visited my best friend from college's home for the first time. She is an only child, and "her" bathroom was bright pink... from the cushy foam toilet seat, to the plush shag pink rugs, to the lacey pink wallpaper and pink towels... I thought it was odd. Never have seen anything quite so.... specific(?) again.

Do whatever you want, but I always stuck with more neutral/adult styles for the bathroom. Do you have a third bathroom dedicated to quests who visit your home? Because they will be using that bathroom (I presume) if you do not. For me, that meant the bath toys and such stayed behind the shower curtain out of sight. :)

The kids have bedroom to decorate to match their personality and style.... the bathroom is a more public space the way I look at it.

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answers from Columbus on

We've been in our house for ten years now and my kids couldn't decide and/or agree on a theme so it stayed painted green and I've put in all my purple accents I've had forever and no one's said a thing about it. If they ever do complain, then I remind them that no one would agree on anything and if they don't like it, too bad!

Our master bathroom is pretty much the same way - it blends with the master bedroom so I haven't really changed much.

As for a theme - what about just going with solid colors or stripes in blues, greens, yellows. All pretty much ok colors for girls or boys. There are a lot of nice shower curtains that come in all different colors. Then I would just accent it with the cup and soap dish in an animal design to make it look cute and more for kids. That way as they get older they won't complain it looks too baby-ish!! And replacing cups and soap dishes is easier/cheaper than replacing everything else and/or re-painting, etc.

Good luck!!

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answers from Kansas City on

Our bathroom is decorated in penguins because I love them. It never would have occurred to me to decorate the bathroom for the kids, they have their own rooms for that.

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answers from San Francisco on

That's funny, I never thought of bathrooms being boy or girl themed!
My girls' bathroom has beachy tones, pale minty green and blue paint with white trim, coordinating rugs and striped shower curtain, mirrors with sandstone frames and a pretty framed print of an underwater ocean scene. Other than the makeup, brushes, hairdryer and flat iron all over the counters I think a boy would feel perfectly at home in there!

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answers from Tampa on

My kids bathroom is a mix of batman and hello kitty 😊

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answers from Minneapolis on

I appear to be in the minority because I think if you have more than one bathroom it's kind of fun to have a "kid-themed" bathroom. However, ours is gender-neutral and covers a pretty broad range of ages. We have a tropical fish theme, including at least one wall hanging with the Rainbow Fish from the story. I did ours relatively cheaply with items that can be easily changed when we want. I did paint the walls a bright color, which was the biggest expenditure. My SIL helped me decorate (this was a while ago) and she had fun with it and was unemployed at the time and able to do bargain shopping for me.

ETA: Our "kid bathroom" is NOT used as a guest bathroom (except for maybe occasionally on Thanksgiving or Easter) and it is upstairs off the beaten path so I don't care if it looks tacky. I decorated it the way we wanted at the time. My boys and I love bright colors. They are older now so it might be time for a change, but they still love bright colors. I say do what you want. I like the penguin theme that one poster has. Do you or your kids have a favorite animal? Animals are always gender-neutral. Noah's Ark is a fun theme for kids, although they might grow out of it more quickly.

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answers from Kansas City on

Is there a reason it has to be a theme or something specific? My son's bathroom is actually our main bathroom - one that we all use, including guests that come over. So it looks just like it always did (green walls, tile floor, plain blinds, etc.). We let him pick his towels and recently a shower curtain. He went with fish and I added a striped hand towel and adult towel in colors that matched. That would work for any gender or age range, I would think.

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answers from New London on

My kids have a bathroom. I picked a beautiful creamy beige for the walls and a gorgeous countertop in a sand color. They picked out the shower curtain and towels w/ shells on them. We picked up beachy items made in the USA...from local crafters !!! All of the colors are in the beige tones.
It's timeless! I can always change the towel colors to add color.

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answers from Hartford on

Your children have their own bathroom?

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answers from Honolulu on

Just paint it neutral.
And then with the bath towels, each gender has their own.
Or, have their initials on it.

I would not do a real "kiddie" theme in the bathroom, nor with paint or stencils or any doodads. It will be outgrown, very quickly. And it will look dated, very quickly and outgrown.
Just do a cool contemporary modern scheme to the room. That is neutral.
And then, via accessories and towels, it can be, changed. Easily. And quickly. Per gender.
One girl can have pink towels.
The other can have purple towels.
The boy can have green or blue or whatever he wants.
Just embroider their initial on it.
Color code, their towels etc. Then they each know which is theirs.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Bathrooms need a theme? My son's bathroom has deep brown and teal linoleum (the real stuff, not vinyl) floor tiles and white tub, sink and toilet. The cabinets are frosted glass and chrome. Towels are teal. He has never mentioned being 'bored' by his bathroom decor. He is 7. I have no plans to change it when he grows up - it will remain our guest bathroom.

You should pick the decor you would like in the bathroom. Also - colors are colors - boys can use a purple bathroom (although I personally would never do any room in pink or purple) and girls can use a blue bathroom (ditto although some of the watery blue/aquas are nice).



answers from Detroit on

I would do a beach theme - you can probably find decor and colors that would work either way.


answers from Phoenix on

I agree with Gamma G.My son had his own room.We painted it blue and red and all that.We found out we are having a baby girl.She is Due this year on the 23rd and we never worried about it.When she is older we will be moved out so it will be fine haha

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