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Updated on June 05, 2012
M.G. asks from Olathe, KS
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Has anyone out there had a problem with a coach? My 10 year old plays baseball and his coach is really over the top. When we are winning (which we are currently not) he is great and up beat, but man watch out if we start losing. At our last game he went storming onto the field screaming at the 16 year old umpire and dropping the F bomb loud enough for all the kids and parents anywhere near to hear. He has been suspended for the rest of the season, which my hubby and I agree with (this is not the 1st problem we've seen). However, it seems like we are in the minority with the rest of the team parents.

I don't know what to do. This situation upsets me and makes me very uncomfortable at games but my son enjoys playing baseball. We are tempted to pull him from the team in the middle of the season, although the coach can't be even in the dug out. We'll have other Dads that step up to coach, etc, but of course the orignial coach will be around because his son is on the team.

Ideas? Input?


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answers from Los Angeles on

The Coach is suspended for the rest of the season, so I would leave my son on the team and have him complete his season and then find another team/coach next year.

I am a firm believer in finishing what you start (it's a great lesson for the kid)....and I would try to look at this as a learning experience for your son, there is a way to win gracefully and a way to lose gracefully!

~My son is 8 and got asked to play on a 9U Pony team for the first time this year and it has been STRESSFUL! We are lucky to have such a good Coach and are VERY aware that there are a LOT of bad ones out there! We had a tournament (we took 2nd place:) on Memorial Day weekend and we had a game against a team with the WORST Coaches in the league and an argument ensued and ended w/the head Coach of the other team getting kicked out b y the Ump! Phew! It was a sight to see, that's for sure!

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answers from Denver on

I wouldnt pull him off the team if the coach has been suspended. Some times parents coaches get too intense and shouldn't coach. Im sure his son is terrified and embarrased of what his dad did and he probably wont coach again. Just avoid the original coach you dont have to make nice but let your kid finish out the season Who knows some of these other dads who step up might make it a great end to a rocky start.

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answers from Sacramento on

Oh I feel your pain on this one! We had a coach who didnt even really coach the kids this year, quit having practices after the season started, pretty much gave up on the kids, we lost all but two games. He would get mad at the kids when we werent doing good, but what could he expect he basically quit on them. And the team, dont let me get started on them, bad attitudes, throwing the bats down if they struck out, putting each other down, it was not a good season, but my son loves playing so we stuck it out! After a game the coach and a parent from another team had words, they were cursing and looked as if they were going to get physical, I literally yelled at them to calm it down the kids dont need to see this type of behavior, especially from someone that should be teaching them good sportsmanship. I think coaches really need to think about why they are out there, for the kids or themselves, if it is for themselves, then they really shouldnt be there. On a side note, my husband and another dad always offered to help with the team and the coach always turned them down.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I would let him stay on only because this coach was suspended. If he were still the coach then I would absolutely pull him. What kind of example has he set for these kids? And its ridiculous that not every single parent from the team is not 100% FOR his suspension. But unfortunately it is not surprising either. I have been shocked at the degree of parent (mostly dad) involvement in kids sports and how VERY serious these men take it. Sadly it has taken so much of the fun out of it for the kids.



answers from Minneapolis on

Sounds like it was handled well and now the former coach is just an annoying and difficult parent, at least for the rest of this season. I would let your son continue to play, especially if he wants to play. The proper response is to make a formal complaint with your local baseball association to see if he can be prohibited from coaching in the future. At the very least, perhaps you could request your son not be on his team next year and give specific reasons. If he continues to be a problem as a fan/parent/spectator this season he can be banned from attending games too.

I think it's a good life lesson for your son. My boys have played baseball and hockey for over 10 years. We've been pretty lucky with coaches although we had an issue with a hockey coach this season. Our hockey board addressed and continues to address the situation. At first some of the parents tried to take matters into their own hands and the Board made it clear that it is a Board issue and one of their responsibilities.

Looking back at your question I'm not sure if your concern is that your son will continue to be exposed to this former coach as a parent on the team or if it is that the other parents don't seem to agree with the suspension. In either case I would still let him play. I might just keep to myself on the sidelines, but carefully monitor the situation.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Well, the coach shouldn't be an issue for the rest of the season, and next year, if he coaches again, file a complaint with the baseball board (my husband has served on these) and express your concern and request that your son N OT be drafted by that coach.

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