Kids Always Sick Antibiotics Neccessary to Get Rid of Yellow Snot

Updated on September 17, 2009
C.A. asks from Holiday, FL
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Oh my Goodness! I feel like we live at the doctors. My son is sick again. He has a fever between 99-100.4. .He has a cough and runny nose that just turned yellow. I am tired of going to the doctor and putting him on antibiotics. If I take him too early they say just wait he will be fine if I wait a couple weeks it turns into a sinus infection or ear infection. Ad least that’s what they say it is and put him on antibiotics. I am wondering if he truly isn’t ever 100% better after finishing the antibiotics so it comes back. It could be a new cold ever time but is the antibiotics necessary. Does yellow snot mean an infection and is the only way to get better antibiotics or will it clear up on its own. I suction his nose because he doesn’t blow. I use the saline spray. He takes a multivitamin and Vitamin C. I make sure he is getting a ton of fluids and eating healthy I make him fruit smoothies and fresh veggie and fruit juice. I have been changing my air filters every month religiously. I have a humidifier in his room(which now i'm hearing is bad because it can have mold in it). When he doesn’t have a fever I give him a steam shower. I don’t know what else I can do but I hate putting him on meds every 4 weeks. He is in preschool which is were he gets most of it from but when he is sick he can't go to school. I am still required to pay so thats another reason i'm anxious to get him better. Any thing I can try before going to the Doctor AGAIN or is my only option back to the doctor.

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answers from Tampa on

i hate to say this but, its a part of being in daycare. I have 2 children that have both been in daycare and until they build up immunity to the germs it seems as though they continually get sick. I went through this with both of them. you can talk it over with the pediatrician, however i know that most peds don't prescribe antibiotics anymore than they truly need to. hang in there, it does get better and less often.

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answers from Orlando on

After my daughter got a RWI (Recreational Water Illnes) in Feb, drs had no idea how to treat, CDC had no recommendations (yes! I spoke w/ the CDC!!) I found myself at our local Herb Shoppe. I have since treated everything my family gets w/ natural remedies. Hear my heart, I am 100% for modern meds when required. After reading your post, here are my STRONG recommendations....all can be purchased at a local health/herb shoppe.

Please know that i am NOT in the health biz, herb biz. I AM a mom and wife and women that choose to get educated more and take control over my family's health to the best of my ability. I pray that these suggestions help. PLS contact me if you have questions. :-)

You can get ALL of this for around $50+/- and TRUST ME it is worth every penny!! We have not been to a doctor (other than that lake parasite) for an illness in 2 yrs - me, my hubby, nor our 2yo!

Silver Shield Liquid - Get rememdy sheet showing how that one product can be used for at least 30 different medical challenges (from fungus on feet to belly ache to ears and more!) Take as sheet will direct.

Nasal/Sinus Issues (from allergies, virus, cold, etc) - Get Xylitol Nasal Spray. A natural sugar that "attracts the sinus bugs" and when you blow after spray the bugs go to - NOT just the wet gunk. Follow up w/ a 1/2 spray of Silver Shield (put in spray bottle and keep handy for future)

Stomach Issues - Get (specific line for kids) Digestive Enzyme Powder. Give as directed per wt of kid/adult. Rebuilds the lost enzymes from vomiting, etc. Most kids lose 25% during an illness; my daughter had lost nearly 90% (shown in blood work). Literally takes a sprinkle a day for X days. The difference is amazing!!! (She had lost 2 lbs in a few days until we started this product!!)

Sick at all (kids/adults) - Bifadolphis probiotic (aka BIF). Take 1 cap 2X/day while symptomatic. It replaces and/or replinishes what good bacteria was stripped away during illness. THIS is the only one that DOES not counteract w/ antibiotics. The one most ppl take and talk about is Acidolphis - which is in yogurt, etc THAT counteracts antibiotics; and yogurt hurts a belly ache (i.e. dairy product)

ADULTS: Feeling yuck, kids have yuck, been exposed to yuck - Olive Leaf Extract (nature's antibiotic that gets to the source, not stripping u of good bacteria) Take 1 3X/day for 7-10 days.

EARS: Every time our 2yo gets out of a water source (tub, shower, pool, etc)we put one drop of TOPICAL EAR AID in each year. A garlic based herb product. She had 2 ear infections in a month.... none since we used this!

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answers from Boca Raton on

Hi C., I experienced the same thing when my daughter was around 2 (she's turning 4 this month). I was so frustrated that I decided to try the Juice Plus gummies that my friend told me about. They have worked awesome and she's been much healthier since she started taking them two years ago. They are made of 17 raw, vine-ripened fruits, veggies & grains, that's it! I was so pleased with the results, I chose to become a distributor. Feel free to do some research: and contact me if you have any questions.

Good luck!
L. Murphy
Cell: ###-###-####



answers from Miami on

try probiotics
these are found at whole foods in the refrigerated section and they make them for infants/toddlers/children

give them every single day until the bottle runs out...



answers from Jacksonville on

Dear C.,

I hear your frustration. First, since your doc hasn't told you, a temp below 101 is normal in children and not really considered a fever, or enough to warrant any medication.

Second, no, yellow does not neccesarily mean an antibiotic all the time.

The info about the humidifier is correct, it may make matters worse not better.

The average # of colds per year for children this age is 14! That was according to the CDC last year. Each cold lasting 6-8 days!

Being in pre school exposes them to many viruses they haven't been exposed to or built an immunity to yet, and this is the bodys way of working it out. When he goes to regular kindergarden it will happen again, and it's normal.

One of the things that helps my daughter and I most when this starts up is the beach. A nice warm day in the sun and salt air seems to clear the sinus' out. Take some tissues because all kinds of stuff will come out of the nose, but it helps alot. One of the perks of living in Florida!

Relax, and know that this too shall pass!



answers from Naples on

I would recommend some immune support for him. There are many good products For Goodness Sake in Bonita Springs would have many. If he is on antibiotics then probiotics are a must to rebuild his good bacteria in his system, thus aiding him in building up immunity. I am chiropractor at Fit for Life health services in Naples and we treat many children with these exact complaints and have great results in finding what is actually causing them to get sick and it is usually immune support and possible stomach issues. Make sure and decrease his dairy intake due to the increase in mucous it causes. There could be many different causes with his constant illnesses but I would definitely start with building his immune system first.



answers from Tampa on

We went through the same thing. Good luck.



answers from Tampa on

I am guessing he just started preschool. Takes a good 1-3 months before they stop going to the doctor. I know!! I was so close to pulling my son out as I was "sick" of paying for preschool and doctor visits. I think we spent a little over $300 in doctor visits and medication on top of preschool!! So frustrating. I hung in there and sure enough it all cleared up and haven't had a problem since. He is 6 now.

I can add this in...we take our kids to a Chiropractor that does Atlas work. They adjust you with out cracking or even touching you. Made a HUGE difference in my kids. Did you know chiropractor can help with ear infections/allergies/crankiness? My other wise happy baby once was so cranky and was crying alot for over a week...took her to our chiropractor. She was out of alignment..he did his thing and she stopped crying in less than 5 minutes!!! NO LIE!!!

Check into it, my son has only been on antibiotics once..and that was not really necessary..

Good luck and hang in there.



answers from Tampa on 1-800-360-0988 and get some vitamins for your kid take one at morning and one at nite once they are built up in thier system no more problems.they worked for my grandson and he hasnt been sick not even once since he has been on the vitamins.they are a life saver.just ask for the kids vitamins.i order 6 months supply at a time.and they are well worth it.i have never seen anything work this good.awesome.let me know the outcome C..tested and tried.they are all natural.



answers from Tampa on

just take him out of pre school
kids put on antibiotics are many times more likely to have continuing infectiosn- check out Dr. Bruce West on the net, andWeston Price Foundation- they will give you an education so you can really really get your son well, and well done for noticing that he isn't-k



answers from Jacksonville on

Don't go to the doctor so often. 99-100 temp isn't that high. If we all wnt to the doctor everytime our kids had a cough, runny nose or low grade fever health insurance premiums would be even higher! Wait it out a little, Tylenol and Motrin bring a fever's not so great to give him so many antibiotics.



answers from Tampa on


I feel for you. I went throught the samething when my daughter was 2 1/2. She was going to school and she woulod come home and her nosae would have yellow snot coming out of it. I thought it was allergies also. I took her to the Ped. and they would put her on meds., then they ordered blood test 12 viles to see if it was allergies, then we went to the allergist and they said it was swollen skin in her nose so she wasn't draining properly. Within 3 month's she was on 12 antibiotics and I said enough I was so sick of it and felt like I should of done this sooner. I tok her to an ENT and it was her adenoids. They were swollen and she wasn't draining properly so it got backed up and that's why it came out yellow. We had hers removed and she has been yellow free ever since. I am not saying that this is what is going on with your son but I wish the Dr. would of suggested that this could of been it cause if you look at enlarged adenoids on line she had the classic symptoms. She would snore aat night to and that is how I knew another bout was coming.

Hope this helps.
R. j.



answers from Daytona Beach on

I had a friend go through this same thing with both of her girls. They kept getting ear infection and colds and once off of antibiotics for about 2 weeks it came back. I told her that my childrens pediatrician does a recheck 14 days after the start of antibiotics for any illness (ear infection, etc). Most times they say everything is great but in some kids especially ones that have been on antibiotics alot the infection will still be there. So it never actually left just cleared up somewhat and gradually went full blown again. Since then she requests rechecks for her kids and they were able to see the problem and prescribe stronger antibiotics until the infections were completely gone.

That being said, yellow or green drainage from the nose does not mean infection. According to my pediatrician the color (clear, yellow or green) is based on how long it is from when the body produces it to when it leaves the body. That why the worst colors tend to be when they get up in the morning or from a nap.

So if they have an infection I would get the antibiotics but make sure to get a recheck to make sure it goes away.
Good Luck!



answers from Sarasota on

Hi C.,

It sounds like a very frustrating situation.

Does your son ever get a higher sustained temperature? Ask your doctor the highest that's safe. I, like many doctors, believe that it is important to let fevers run without medication. The body is meant to have them "burn out" the bad stuff.

Also, we stop all dairy and bananas when our son gets a cold or has a respiratory issue (we're lucky, they are rare and usually only one or two days). These are known to create more mucus. Also, we rub his back and chest with over-the-counter "Tiger Balm" and then "cup" his back to loosen things up (we pat his back with the Tiger Blam lid to create suction).

I don't know which kind you have, but some doctors will hand out antibiotics like candy, some only in the most dire situations. Again, every child is different, but we've found that the more we let our son's body handle his imbalances, the healthier he has become. Of course, if he was in great pain or discomfort, I'd be the first to say "bring on the drugs"!

By the way, I don't believe that "all children get sick when they start preschool." My son did not. He may just have an iron constitution, but it may be due to lots of exercise, good food, no drugs (he's never even had Tylenol), gentle medical care, and generally healthy living.

Good luck in breaking the antibiotics cycle soon!



answers from Boca Raton on

Just one word of advice to help. Dont judge his mucus in the morning. If he has allergies his snot will be green/yellow in the morning from sitting in his head over night. Let it sit for a day or two and check the color in the afternoon. If it is green/yellow, it does indicate infection. You can try ecinacea supplements to boost his immune system and try keeping him home to fight off the infection. Perhaps his body just needs a chance to fight it off himself. LOTS and LOTS of water to flush it out.



answers from Tampa on

My daughter got sick alot last winter. She is also in preschool. Do not keep putting your child on antibiotics. They do NOT cure a cold and your child will become antibiotic resistant. Instead keep comfortable with motrin for fever, saline nose sprays, humidifier at night. If all your Dr does is give you a RX and send you on your way find someone else. Teach your child to wash hands. See if the preschool is sanitizing the toys daily. Colds just run there course. Flu is a differant story if your child has a high fever, body aches chills, seek medical attention. Hope this helps. I too took my daughter for every little thing. Now I go with the flow. J.

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