Kidney Stones While Pregnant

Updated on August 09, 2008
L.G. asks from San Diego, CA
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Has anyone out there dealt with kidney stones while pregnant? I have had many in the past - around sixteen total - five with the first pregnancy and I just experienced another whopper with pregnancy #2. At the hospital they found two more still in me, one in each kidney and rather large. I am seeing a specialist next week, but wondered what other pregnant ladies did with these extremely painful buggars! Thank you.

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I haven't had this problem but it is proven that apples, the more tart the better, contain an enzyme that will dissolve the product that binds calcium to form the stones. Being pregnant, you would want an organic apple. Good health to you!

H. D

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While I personally did not have kidney stones during any of my pregnancies, my youngest sister did. She had some pretty bad ones, too. I called her to ask what to suggest for you, and she was quite helpful, and VERY empathetic.

Her advice to you is: Push clear fluids, push clear fluids, push clear fluids, and to continue to push clear fluids until they are completely passed. After they have passed, you want to continue to drink lots of water and other clear fluids to keep your body flushed, and to keep the stones from returning. Examples of clear liquids include: water (this one is obvious), crystal light drink, Special K protein water, soup broths (not creamy - and make sure they are LOW sodium).

Also, you want to do whatever you can to eliminate caffeine. If you are drinking a lot of caffeine drinks (coffee, tea, sodas, etc.), you will want to gradually drink less and less so that you don't get headaches.

The build up of calcium in your body can cause these painful stones, especially during pregnancy. If this causes an infection during your pregnancy, it can cause harm to the baby, because of the bladder being so close to the uterus.

Definitely take the advice of your specialist, because they deal with this every day.

Good luck to you,



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Hi L.,
It sucks but you got to just hang in there and flush out your body with fluids. Lemonade, pure cranberry juice, water. No Ice tea at all, it is not the caffeine in the tea, something else I cant remember. No soy , no spinach, and watch the excess Calcium. I get them too. I have had 5 babies and took lots of Ca., which really isn't good for preventing stones. Good luck!!



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I had kidney stones while I was pregnant too. They couldn't do anything for me though. All the stuff they would normally do is not safe for pregnancy. I just had to let them pass. Ouch! I just drank a ton of water and cranberry juice. My pain was mostly in my back with the kidney stones so I had to take a pillow with me everywhere for extra back support. The only upside to this situation is when a man tells you that he has had kidney stones before and how that is supposed to be comparable to labor, you can say that you had kidney stones while pregnant and that ususally makes them stop trying to compare their pain to yours : )



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Hi L.:
I'm so sorry your having to deal with something so awfully painful,especially while your pregnant.I personally haven't had kidney stones, but ironicaly my 15 year old Grandson just had them,and he was just miserable.I do know, that if you had them during other pregnancies,your more apt to get them again.Changes with vitimins and minerals are happening in the body,and these changes can cause the formation of kidney stones.A Lack of Calcium,can cause an onset.Dehydration is a big cause.Thats what brought my Grandsons on. He went to Arizona,where it was 115 degrees and he wasn't drinking enough water.Being pregnant,you (MUST) drink alot more water.They say,that during your later months of pregnancy, the size and position of the uterus can also restrict urine flow from the kidneys to the bladder, which makes it more difficult for for the kidneys to be able to eliminate waste build up effectively.That can bring an onset as well.The best thing your Dr could do for you,is use this new tech. they have,thats far less evasive,than the old way.They place a sonic wave device in the area of your kidney,and blast those stones into tiny particles,so you pass them with little or no pain. I'd get in soon,as you shouldn't have to go through this sort of pain in your condition.Heck,child birth should be a whiz after this huh? lol I wish you the best hun take care and hope your feeling better soon.



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My kidneys go out to you!
I have had 6 in the last 12 years.Thankfully none were during my pregnancy (although I was expecting to get one). I have been told that I have a "spongy kidney" meaning the lining is filled with tiny little pockets like a sponge that traps minerals more so than a normal kidney.
I have asked many doctors what the solution is and none have had a concrete answer. A few have suggested that stress plays a part ( I agree since most happened around a big event in my life) and to drink lots of lemonade. There is something particular about the lemon citrus that helps prevent stones from forming.

So in short my advice is- less stress,more lemonade!!!
Best of luck! :)




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I had a couple with my last pregnancy, early pregnancy. A stent was placed in my kidney which I had to go under anesthesia for. I then got an infection from the stent so it was removed after a week. The only other option was to have a tube placed in my back(to kidney) leading to a bag I would have to urinate in till the pregnancy was over and I could have the right treatment. I passed on that since it was early in my pregnancy. Luckily for me the kidney stones broke and I passed them. Unfortunatly these are the only two option I know of. I hope the best for you



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Hi L., I had kidney stones when I was 6 months pregnant and I went to the hospital where they gave me an IV. I think I was in there for 2 days or so and they just were just wanted for my body to pee them out, I don't think I ever ended up peeing them out at the hospital but I sure felt a lot better with all the fluids they were giving me. If yours are to big to pee out then I really don't know what to tell you. I know that mine were cause by me taking my prenatal vitamins and I was taking a calcuim supplement on top of that so I was giving myself too much calcuim. Once I stopped that I never had anymore problems. I hope you feel better! I know how much they can hurt and mine were really little.



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Oh you poor thing. I don't have any advice for you as I've never had them. I just wanted to give you a big old HUG.

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